It’s imperative for companies to continue to identify ways to stay competitive. Consumers are becoming more skeptical of brands, more conscious of a companies ability to satisfy their needs. There has to be an approach of recognizing what works, and how this can be merged with future trends to stay ahead of competitors. Ignoring this approach could bring major consequences.

The NX™ software team understand that there are many ways to stay ahead of the game. If it’s flexibility that you are looking for, implementing Value Based Licensing into your workflow maybe the route to go. Let’s take a look.

What is Value Based Licensing?

NX X Value Based Licensing makes it significantly easier to take advantage of optional add-in products you wouldn’t normally do so. With over 110 products and access to new modules from day one, Value Based Licensing is the perfect tool to implement for greater flexibility, and is for everyone.

Whether you are an SMB or MLE, you can maintain complete control over your token pool. It maybe the case that you only need 100 tokens within your pool, or you may need substantially more than this. No matter the need, we’ll tailor your experience so that you only have access to the tokens that you need. No more, no less.

Value Based Licensing with NX

Flexibility for our customers is key. NX™ software continues to build on existing functionality with new capabilities across a range … Continue reading

It’s important to note that Value Based Licensing is similar to a floating licence in NX X. Whichever option you choose, a checked back license can be accessed by a different user once a specific task is completed.

The power of flexibility

Let’s explore why Value Based Licensing provides you with a greater level of flexibility. Typically speaking, a per-seat floating license is comprised solely of the products you purchase. It’s a soundproof approach for mature pipelines. But what happens when demands from your customer base change, and you don’t have that additional product at hand to get the job done?

With Value Based Licensing, the pool consists of every product that is a part of the token license pool. And that is the big difference; no limitation on products available to you. If you only need access to a product for a couple of hours, tokens can be used to purchase the product for however long you need it. It goes without saying, you’ll get access to a far greater set of products, thus taking your internal capabilities to the next level.

You can access the full list of products and their token values within NX X by selecting File > Help > About NX

An example

Consider this as an example. There’s a team creating the digital twin for a coffee machine. The team is comprised of four engineers with an NX Mach 1 license and 120 tokens in the pool. Engineer one and two log on at 9:00am. The first engineer needs 17 tokens for Draw Shape to add a coffee bean logo to the exterior, and needs two hours to complete the task. Engineer two needs to use Algorithmic modeling to create visual interest for the coffee bean hopper. Algorithmic modeling requires 25 tokens, and will take roughly two hours, leaving 78 tokens left in the token pool.

Engineer three needs to access Performance Predictor to analyse the performance of the coffee press mechanism. Although this will require 89 tokens from the pool, engineer one and two have completed their tasks, resulting in the tokens being added back to the pool. And finally, engineer four needs Animation Designer to create marketing collateral for the internal mechanism. This requires 24 tokens, but needs to be done after the Performance Predictor analysis is complete, meaning they can wait and access a fully stocked token pool.

digital twin for a coffee machine

Did you know?
In three years, we’ve increased the product count in our Value Based Licensing pool by 117%!

Continue your journey with NX

Value Based Licensing is something to consider implementing into your workflow. It will lay the groundwork for greater flexibility, enabling you to create the most comprehensive digital twin possible.

By Jamie Tyler

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