Die System Analysis

Die system analysis the Finite Element Analysis approach to die system design is an efficient way to predict and resolve many stamping related concerns within the die production line. Die System Analysis (DSA) simulations streamline die system design through the analysis of scrap shedding/removal, structural integrity and sheet metal transferring/handling. DSA’s process guidance approach allows engineers to use simple graphic interfaces to execute complicated preparation and simulation processes.

Features of Die system analysis

Scrap Shedding & Removal (SHR)

The number one cause of stamping line shutdown is the failure of scrap to exit the workstation. This problem can be predicted and corrected in the trim die design stage to avoid troubleshooting in the stamping plant. SHR streamlines model generation for scrap, trim dies, chutes and trim steel. Trimming operations and shedding simulations can be easily setup in the scrap shedding graphic interface.

Die Structural Integrity (DSI)

Die Structural Integrity  simulates operational loads to analyze the design integrity of the die. DSI can generate FEA models of the die structure, define operational/stamping loads and evaluate the die structure strength and durability by using implicit and explicit solutions.

Sheet Metal Transferring & Handling (SMTH)

Sheet Metal Transferring & Handling simulates the transfer of metal as it progresses through the manufacturing process. It simulates the transfer of the work-piece to the initial die station, movement between stations, pick-up of the finished part and placement on the shipping rack. Part deformation generated in the simulation is used to predict interference between the work-piece and tools. The stress/strain results can be used to prevent damage during transportation, as well as loading and unloading operations.

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