NX Sheet Metal Design Software

NX Sheet Metal software, the digital product development solution from Siemens.

NX sheet metal design software incorporates material and process information in sheet metal-specific modeling features: bends, flanges, tabs, cutouts, beads, dimples, louvers, corner and edge treatments, patterns and other formable features. You can also quickly convert solid models to sheet metal components, and create sheet metal parts that enclose other components.

NX Sheet Metal-specific features such as flanges, tabs, jogs, corner conditions, and drawn cutouts & many more along with productivity enhancements such as – automatic bend reliefs.

The software also provides common modeling features typically used in sheet metal design, such as holes and slots, as well as other essential capabilities such as copy, paste, and mirror.

The application provides defaults for sheet-metal-specific properties such as material – thickness, bend radius, and bend relief. You can easily change these defaults.

Design for Fabrication

With NX sheet metal CAD tools, you can apply standard values, such as material thicknesses and bend radii, based on industry or company best practices. With folding and unfolding capabilities, you can work with models at any stage of the fabrication process. NX sheet metal software creates accurate flat patterns for documentation and manufacturing.

Faster Aerospace Sheet Metal Design Software

NX Aerospace Sheet Metal software gives you specialized tools for designing sheet metal parts typically found in airframes, including support ribs and brackets that are attached to outer and inner mold line surfaces, as well as other internal airframe structures. These nonlinear airframe parts are usually hydro-pressed or break-formed. With aerospace features, you can design these components in a fraction of the time required by general-purpose CAD or sheet metal design tools.

Improve Quality With Built-in Design Validation

Solid Edge provides unmatched model validation to ensure manufacturability and reduce the need for physical prototypes. Solid Edge includes design sensors that can automatically measure parameters, like the distance between bends, or calculate factors such as cost, variables, and surface area. And with scalable finite element capabilities, you can conduct simulations earlier in the design phase, allowing you to improve the quality of sheet metal parts and reduce product failures, while minimizing material and weight.

Create NC-ready Flat Patterns

Solid Edge uses an industry-standard formula to create an NC-ready flat pattern, but gives you the flexibility to define a custom formula based on bend tables. For manufacturing purposes, Solid Edge flat patterns will always show the most efficient cut sheet size. Solid Edge lets you represent deformation features in a manner that best suits your sheet metal manufacturing process. Bend tables can be stored within 3D parts to allow the bend order to be documented, used on drawings, and exported to help program CNC machines. Solid Edge also supports the use of triangulation lines for conical bends – an important enhancement for anyone who creates transitional sheet metal work like square to rounds or conical shapes.

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