Tecnomatix Process Designer

Product Overview

Planning an assembly line or station can be quite time consuming and requires a lot of discussions between different engineering departments.
Process Designer enables you to plan your assembly processes in a 3D collaborative environment. You can quickly and easily compare multiple alternative scenarios and select the most optimal process. You can also define the assembly sequence, choose the required tools and create the plant, line or station layout using an intuitive and configurable user interface. Perform line balancing by optimizing the assignment of processes to stations or workers, and have clear visibility of active and passive resources.
In addition, Process Designer enables you to generate customized reports so that you can make the right decisions faster. You can create various types of process documentation, including electronic work instructions, bills of materials and management reviews and distribute them to your colleagues over the Web.

Key Capabilities and Benefits

  • Modeling of assembly processes and lines using a complete set of inter -operable tools
  • Analysis and management of operations, resources, product and process variants
  • Customizable user interface for guided planning steps
  • Internet-based reporting and visualization of assembly information
  • Detailed methods-time measurement (MTM) analysis using the integration with TiCon
  • Open application programming interface (API) for user-development of planning and engineering applications


  • Increase productivity of the assembly planning processes by up to 40 percent
  • Re-use proven processes and resources from a standard library
  • Perform line balancing in an intuitive and configurable user interface
  • Perform cost roll-up estimation of lines based on the cost of resources and consumables
  • Get clear visibility to value added and non-value added activities
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