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The Capital electrical and electronics (E/E) systems development software portfolio encompasses E/E system and software architectures, network communications and embedded software development capabilities. Efficiently design, engineer and validate complex products in the context of a digital twin.

Use a comprehensive E/E systems development solution

Today’s E/E systems are characterized by increasing complexity. They are reliant on the robust integration of electrical, electronic and software systems. Use Capital, a comprehensive E/E systems development solution, to help you efficiently develop smart products.

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Capital optimizes electrical and electronics (E/E) system architectures against targets such as cost, weight and network bandwidth. Seamlessly share information across all E/E domains to enable rapid design, iteration and optimization.

Capital Device Modeler

Capital Device Modeler is a web-based authoring environment for device library data. It extends to capture component data and automatically creates connectivity in the logical or physical domain directly from the device definition data. This reduces design time and costs, while improving quality.

Capital Systems Architect

Capital Systems Architect is an easy-to-learn system modeling tool that can be used to analyze E/E architecture designs and optimize functional allocations. It enables rapid redistribution of functions and signals, generating correct-by-construction outputs to feed the detail design tools.

Capital Systems Integrator

Capital Systems Integrator automatically merges generic subsystem signal connectivity with physical topology to generate fully detailed vehicle wiring designs. This removes a huge part of the system integration task, saving time and improving quality.

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The Capital embedded solution is a scalable AUTOSAR development platform, with tools and embedded runtime software for on-time product deployment. It provides implementations to the AUTOSAR Classic and AUTOSAR Adaptive standards. Capital Network Designer manages the in-vehicle network communication.

Capital Embedded AR Classic

Capital Embedded AR Classic software is our implementation of the AUTOSAR Classic platform. This solution is at the forefront of addressing challenges facing automotive companies with increasingly complex embedded software issues. Engineers achieve faster go-to-market with higher-quality software.

Capital Embedded Integrator AR Classic

Capital Embedded Integrator AR Classic is a powerful solution for the complete configuration of the AUTOSAR middleware components. It manages the complexity in today’s electronic control units (ECUs) to improve quality and deliver products to market faster.

Capital Embedded Virtualizer AR Classic

In Capital Embedded Virtualizer AR Classic, the ECU is simulated so software tests are controllable with unique, non-intrusive trace for deep analysis. The tool also supports industry-standard tool interfaces.

Capital Network Designer

We bring the network, architecture, software and electrical system design under one holistic ecosystem with the integrations in Capital Network Designer. This comprehensive suite provides tools to design networks, performs timing analysis and generates electronic control unit (ECU) definitions.

Capital Network Designer for Aerospace

Quickly design validated and accurate in-aircraft networks with guaranteed delivery to ensure high-quality designs and faster system integrations. Robustly support aircraft certification requirements with structured network verification reports.

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Our electrical systems solutions support a full digital thread from electrical and electronics (E/E) systems definition and architecture to wiring harness design, manufacturing and service publications. Automate and manage the electrical systems value chain.

Capital E/E Insight

Capital E/E Insight enables real-time “what-if” architectural trade studies for electrical system designs. These studies can be intuitively developed to compare and evaluate key design metrics such as cost and weight, leading to faster and better design decision making.

Capital E/E Publisher

Capital E/E Publisher reduces cost and improves accuracy of publications by creating formatted documentation directly from data sources. Gain the ability to deliver highly navigable, vehicle/configuration-specific data into the service technician’s environment, improving quality and accuracy.

Capital Electra X

Designed to boost productivity, Capital Electra X offers speed, efficiency and convenience. Complete your electrical designs 3-5x faster, with no training, download or installation required. Get started instantly with just a secure sign-in via web browser.

Capital Essentials

The Capital Essentials suite is optimized for rapid deployment and minimal IT footprint. With easy installation, it helps users achieve dramatic returns on investment using powerful, yet intuitive, functionality.

Capital Formboard Designer

Capital Formboard Designer extends Capital Harness Designer and Capital Harness Designer Modular functionality. It provides full-scale diagram capabilities linked to the baseline Capital Harness Designer or Capital drawings.

Capital Formboard Manager

Create and maintain merged formboards in an environment based on contiguous data flows with Capital Formboard Manager. The tool makes it easy for manufacturing engineering departments to maximize efficiency of their production lines.

Capital Harness Analyzer

Capital Harness Analyzer allows the viewing and searching of graphical content, flexible reporting and data preparation. Virtually check through the full wiring system development process with design rule check (DRCs).

Capital Harness Costing LD

Within the scope of the cost calculation, Capital Harness Costing LD takes harness data from previous processes, in either KBL or HCV format, and imports and enriches each harness object with the correct labor time and the amount of material used.

Capital Harness Designer

Capital Harness Designer enables engineers to create detailed, validated and manufacturing-ready harness designs. You can tailor the tool to meet your specific needs. The rules-based collaborative design merge functions provide automated integration of multi-source design inputs at a detailed level.

Capital Harness Designer Essentials

Capital Harness Designer Essentials software provides a graphical environment for creating harness and formboard drawings. Its intuitive user-interface makes harness design authoring easy.

Capital Harness Designer LD

Capital Harness Designer LD takes existing electrical systems and topological data and creates a comprehensive wiring harness diagram. Full-scale formboard drawings for wiring harness production can also be produced.

Capital Harness Designer Modular

Create and engineer ready-for-manufacture harness designs and modular sub-assemblies with Capital Harness Designer Modular. Enable harness engineers to create fully detailed and validated harness designs using the KSK (customer-specific wire harness) model.

Capital Harness Line Balancer

Capital Harness Line Balancer enables production engineers to quickly and accurately distribute manufacturing tasks across workstations on a production line. This allows time for multiple what-if scenarios to be compared and analyzed for optimum efficiency.

Capital Logic Designer

Capital Logic Designer is a powerful graphical and design-management environment for authoring both logical connectivity designs (signals) and physical wiring designs (wires, splices, multicores, etc.). This advanced tool lets engineers quickly and robustly develop logical electrical designs.

Capital Service Explorer

Capital Service Explorer is a web-based application that enables service technicians to more rapidly diagnose and repair problems. Technical documentation and data are packaged and intelligently linked together so information is accessible and easy to navigate.

Capital Wiring Designer Essentials

Capital Wiring Designer Essentials software provides a graphical environment for creating wiring diagrams. Full electrical design authoring is made easy via an intuitive user interface and electrically intelligent symbols. Built-in electrical intelligence automates many design tasks.

Capital Wiring Integrator

Capital Wiring Integrator allows users to define device locations and harness bundle layouts within a platform. Devices can be placed manually or automatically using configurable rules. Then wiring can be accurately and efficiently routed through bundle paths using the automated rules.

Explore Capital Data and integrations products

Our electrical and electronics (E/E) systems design tools integrate requirements and systems models into a comprehensive E/E architecture that drives wiring harness design, manufacturing and service publications. Automate and manage the electrical systems value chain.

Capital Enterprise Management

Engineering design processes demand tight integration between every tool in the process. Interoperability is a major driving force for companies, and Capital Enterprise Management provides the interfaces needed to satisfy those requirements.

Capital Connectors

Capital is accessible to an open ecosystem of engineering tools. To help companies work as they need, Capital connects to the adjacent domains, whether mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD), PLM and simulation tools, requirements management or application lifecycle management (ALM) systems.

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