Blank Size Engineering (BSE)

Beginning with the 3-D part geometry, Blank Size Engineering can quickly unfold the flanges and flatten the geometry to produce a blank outline for blank size estimation along with piece price and scrap calculation. Product feasibility and cost analysis can be thoroughly evaluated using Blank Size Engineering.

Part Preparation – Surface Separation

The top and bottom surfaces of a solid-model part can be separated, showing the material from both inside and outside and the mean(middle) surface can be generated automatically. There are also multiple functions to repair surface defects.

Fast Blanking And Blank Nesting Simulation Software

Fast Blank Development

Blank Size Enginering includes an industry proven solver (MSTEP) for the accurate prediction of flat blank profiles from 3-D part geometry. Designed for cost estimators, blank predictions consider both linear bends and the material stretch that occurs during the forming process to produce the most accurate blank possible.

Blank Nesting

The BSE module provides for 1-up, 2-up and Multiple Blanking and Nesting. The material usage and fall off is calculated along with piece price. Minimum required blanking tonnage is estimated. Nesting optimization can be performed to calculate the best material utilization.

Cost Estimation Report

Automatically generate reports for cost estimation and quotation of the part material. Report output includes detailed descriptions of overall blank size, nesting configuration, pitch, coil width, material utilization, number of coils required to meet annual volume and total piece price for materials.

Feasibility Study using MSTEP

MSTEP is a one-step code which can be used for quick formability of a part. Binder, addendum and draw beads can be simulated with pressure pads, binder and draw bead force.

Trimline Development with MSTEP

MSTEP will quickly and easily develop the trimline throughout multiple stations.

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