Siemens NX X Software- A Siemens Xcelerator as a Service portfolio

Cloud-based 3D CAD SaaS solution accelerates time to market from any device

NX™ X software provides cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Solution with advanced 3D design features that enables companies enables a comprehensive digital twin via a streaming service to develop. This cloud-based offering offers the same complete NX design features traditionally found in desktop installations are found, and includes more opportunities for distributed teams, eliminating the Overhead costs and provides a central location to access data without Security compromises. NX X also works in conjunction with the Teamcenter® X software and provides users with access to their immediate PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) requirements. NX X and Teamcenter X are part of the Siemens Xcelerator as a Service portfolio.

Advantages of NX X Software

  • Accelerate time to market from any device
  • Eliminate IT overhead Providing solutions for the Product development
  • Increase flexibility for a distributed team
  • Protect your data from disasters in an encrypted cloud environment

NX X Software Features

  • NX software licenses
  • Cloud services hosted by Siemens
  • Siemens Xcelerator Academy certified Training materials
  • Powerful, pre-configured server and GPU services

Benefit of using NX X Software

IT Security

With NX X, customer data never leaves the customer’s cloud environment. It is now possible for remote employees to access data within the NX X environment without transferring files via email, transferring files via shared folders, or using removable storage media. This cloud solution makes it easier to share more secure project data across teams Collaborate while protecting intellectual property (IP) while ensuring that only authorized employees within a company can access it.

Reduction of IT effort

Using NX X enables users to reduce their IT operating costs. NX X is a fully managed service. As a result, customers no longer need to manage their IT infrastructure. As Siemens Cloud Services runs the entire environment, including software installation, updates and data backup. The Powerful NX X users can now focus entirely on innovation and engineering projects while enjoying a reduced total cost of ownership.


For many companies it is necessary to work remotely. The usage of NX X makes it possible to access the full power of NX on any device, because NX is delivered via the cloud. There are no remote installations of Software or license management required. The remote team can use tools and data without having to worry about software installations, updates, and burdensome hardware costs, thereby reducing overhead costs and increasing benefits.

Production start-up

As NX operates to provide all customers with knowledge and best practices for installation and facility to provide NX X can be deployed quickly, so customers can almost immediately start a design project. In addition to being available everywhere in the world, NX X has cloud hosting in several regions, such as North America, Europe, South Asia, and Northeast Asia. As a result, connections and loading times will be quicker. This offer also uses the powerful graphics features that come in are available in the cloud and only sends updates to the graphical display the user’s device and only sends updates to the graphical display the user’s device. This means that the customer spends less time managing the infrastructure and more time developing products.

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