NX Check – Mate Software for Product Design

Based on NX software’s Knowledge Fusion technology, NX Check-Mate from Siemens PLM Software provides an automated, customizable tool that helps companies proactively improve product quality.

Next-Generation Validation

NX Check-Mate simplifies the work of design engineers by automatically ensuring that computer-aided design (CAD) data and product designs adhere to industry, customer or company standards. With continuous monitoring of developing designs, Check-Mate helps engineering professionals produce their deliverables right the first time. The organization can use Check-Mate to set up customized design checking and manage outsourced projects so that they comply with their organization’s standards and practices. The result is higher quality products developed more quickly and at lower cost.

Enhancing Product Data Quality

NX addresses file, geometry, assembly and drawing data quality with Check-Mate. It checks CAD files and models for conformance to company, industry or customer standards. Noncompliance to company standards can hinder data sharing and supplier collaboration. Inconsistencies in CAD model geometry can cause downstream manufacturing problems. Check-Mate includes tools for creating knowledge based rules and profiles. A customizable reporting dashboard provides engineering data quality metrics to engineers and management that supports company-wide quality and continuous improvement initiatives.

Quality Monitoring and Reporting Dashboard

Collecting data is not time well spent unless you are able to view and examine the information so that it can be used to improve methodologies. The results from Check-Mate can be used to identify training needs, evaluate suppliers’ performance or recognize improvement opportunities.
Check-Mate provides a set of reporting tools that allow you to turn the data collected into dashboard information, useable for assessing the progress of your quality initiatives. Dashboard reports can be tailored to enable you to view quality metrics data in various formats, including tables, charts or graphs. Tailored reports can then be exported to web-ready HTML for distribution throughout the organization.

Standard and Custom Checks

Check-Mate provides many out-of-the-box checks. These checks can have built-in parameters that allow them to be tailored to the organization’s specific industry and product requirements. In addition, Check- Mate Author gives your organization the flexibility to convert your knowledge of industry-specific, corporate or customer standards into checks that are incorporated within the validation process. With these checks, quality requirements are clearly defined and documented, resulting in unambiguous communication and fewer interpretation errors throughout product development.

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