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HEEDS is a powerful design space exploration and optimization software package that interfaces with all commercial computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools to drive product innovation. HEEDS accelerates the product development process by automating analysis workflows (Process Automation), maximizing the available computational hardware and software resources (Distributed Execution), and efficiently exploring the design space for innovative solutions (Efficient Search), while assessing the new concepts to ensure performance requirements are met (Insight & Discovery).

Process Automation

HEEDS enables automated workflows for the ease of driving product development processes. With an extensive list of developed interfaces to commercial CAD and CAE tools, HEEDS quickly and easily integrates many technologies without the need for custom scripting. The data is automatically shared between different modeling and simulation products to evaluate performance trade-offs and design robustness.

Distributed Execution

HEEDS leverages existing hardware investments which allow for the efficient use of all available hardware resources. Utilize Windows and Linux based workstations or clusters either on-site or abroad, as well as cloud computing resources to accelerate innovative product development. For example, geometry modifications can be automated on a laptop with the Windows® operating system, a structural deformation simulation can be performed on a Linux workstation, and a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation can be performed on multiple cores of a Linux cluster or on the cloud.

Efficient Search

As opposed to most traditional optimization tools that require highly specialized technical expertise and simplification of models to allow for efficient search, all designers and engineers can use HEEDS to unlock innovation. HEEDS includes proprietary Design Space Exploration functionality to efficiently find design concepts that meet or exceed performance requirements. HEEDS automatically adapts its search strategy as it learns more about the design space to find the best possible solution within the allotted time frame. It is easy to use, designed to meet deadlines, and capable of providing significant value!

Insight & Discovery

HEEDS provides the ability to easily compare performance over a wide spectrum of designs that exhibit desirable characteristics and robustness. The software helps users visualize design, performance trade-offs between competing objectives and constraints, with various plots, tables, graphs and images, to gain insight and discover innovative solutions. This facilitates the development of designs that are production-ready; enabling a truly digital twin!

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