Siemens NX CAD CAM CAE Training

It is an initial from DDSPLM to improve and advance the technical education on modern design and engineering technologies at all levels.


 The broad objectives of DDSPLM training initiatives are:
  • Create awareness & interest in technical education and opportunities.
  • Train Students on modern design technologies

NX CAD Basic Training

  • Designing Parts in NX
  • CAD Basic Processes
  • CAD Fundamental Processes
  • CAD Fast Start for Experienced 3D CAD Users

NX CAD Intermediate Training

  • Mechanical Freeform Modeling
  • Intermediate Design & Assemblies
  • Drafting Essentials
  • Advanced Design
  • CAD Advanced Processes
  • CAD Model Based Definition using PMI
  • CAD Surface Modeling Processes
  • CAD Sheet Metal Modelling Process

NX CAD Advance Training - Click here to know more

  • CAD Mold Wizard Fundamental Processes
  • CAD Mold Wizard Advanced Processes
  • CAD Progressive Die Wizard Process

NX CAE Training

  • Introduction to Finite Element Analysis with Simcenter Pre/Post
  • Introduction to Dynamic Analysis with Simcenter Pre/Post
  • Motion
  • Pre/Post Fundamentals
  • Pre/Post Advanced Processes
  • Pre/Post Solutions

NX CAM Training

  • CAM Manufacturing Fundamentals
  • Turning Manufacturing process
  • Post Building Techniques
  • Fixed Multi Axis Milling

Teamcenter PLM Training - Click here to know more

  • TC Viz Mockup
  • Using Teamcenter Rapid Start
  • Using Teamcenter
  • Installation
  • Data Model Administration
  • Application Administration
  • Schedule Manager

NX Mold Design Training - Click here to know more

  • Create Mold Wizard tooling assemblies
  • Use the molded part validation command
  • Apply shrink factor, create tooling inserts
  • Create patch up (shut off) geometry
  • Create moldable features that are retained after product updates
  • Define and create parting geometry
  • Create associative core and cavity geometry
  • Use mold base libraries to choose a mold base
  • Use standard part libraries to select and position common parts
  • Customize Mold Wizard
  • Define gate & runner geometry
  • Design cooling channels and hardware
  • Create electrode geometry
  • Create pockets and holes in mold plates
  • Create drawings and bills of materials

The Ongoing Job Oriented CAD CAM Training Courses Are:

  • NX CAD Modelling Basics One Day Full time Training.
  • NX CAD Software Training including modeling, assembly, surfacing, drafting Five day full time Training.
  • NX CAD CAM Training Module 7 days full time.
  • Injection Molding Analysis 4 days full time Training.
  • Forging Analysis 4 days full time Training.
 As part of the initiative we like to work with education institutes to
  • Train the faculty members.
  • Help in setting up PLM labs.
  • Test & Certify students from Siemens.
  • Drive the benefits for students and institutes.
  • Help with student placements in industries.
  • NX 12 CAD Basic Training For Students on Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the Month at very affordable Price.
The program covers the entire gamut of PLM solutions including CAD CAM CAE Solid Edge solutions offered by DDSPLM. We also conduct corporate and individual training customized to your requirements.

Our team proactively reaches out to encourage and to lead the customer on to try new functionality to achieve greater productivity and profitability. To ensure this DDSPLM organizes training sessions every 3rd Saturday at our DDSPLM Private Limited, JMD office. These sessions are focused on various topics related to CAD/CAM/PLM/Solid Edge.

More information about these can be obtained on our Facebook Page.

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