Femap Flow Solver

Femap FlowComputational fluid dynamics (CFD) to accurately and efficiently simulate fluid flow

The Femap Flow Solver adds state-of-the-art computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis solutions to the Femap environment and provides fast, efficient and accurate solutions to complex CFD problems. A sophisticated algebraic multi-grid solver provides the backbone to a complete CFD capability that is able to support the simulation of both laminar and turbulent fluid flow, low speed and high speed compressible flow, forced flow, natural convection and mixed flows, all with multiple inlets, outlets and internal flow boundary conditions. This memory efficient capability ensures that solutions are solved quickly and easily. Additional flexibility is ensured by the support of both unstructured and structured meshing. The Femap Flow Solver provides an excellent complement to the Femap Thermal Solvers by providing the ability to couple the Femap Flow Solver together with the Femap Thermal Solver.

Basic functionality

Femap Flow models 3D fluid velocity, temperature, pressure and other industryspecific results by solving the Navier-Stokes equations for both steady-state and transient applica-tions. It uses an efficient and robust element-based finite volume, multigrid solver enabling simulation of both low-speed and high-speed compressible flows. Femap Flow technology enables users to model complex fluid flow problems. Solver and modeling features include:

  • Steady-state and transient analysis (adaptive correction multigrid solver)
  • Unstructured fluid meshes (supports tetrahedral, brick and wedge element types)
  • Turbulent (k-ε mixing length), laminar and mixed flows
  • CFD solution intermediate results recovery and restart
  • Heat loads and temperature restraints on the fluid
  • Forced natural and mixed convection
  • Non-Newtonian fluids
  • Fluid buoyancy
  • Multiple enclosures
  • Multiple fluids
  • Internal or external flows
  • Complete and seamless coupling to Femap Thermal for simulation of conjugate heat transfer (handles disjoint meshes at fluid/solid boundaries)
  • Losses in fluid flow due to screens, filters and other fluid obstructions (including orthotropic porous blockages)
  • Head loss inlets and openings (fixed or proportional to calculated velocity or squared velocity)
  • Fluid swirl and turbulence at inlet and internal fans
  • Fluid recirculation loop with head loss or heat input/loss or fluid temperature change between unconnected fluid regions
  • Automatic connection between disjoint fluid meshes for assembly modeling

Product availability

Femap Flow is a module in the suite of advanced simulation applications available within the Femap product configuration. When used in combination with Femap Thermal and/or Femap Advanced Thermal, Femap Flow provides a coupled multiphysics solution for complex fluid flow/ thermal applications.

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