CFD Modeling

Spend Less Time on CFD Meshing and Fluid Modeling, and More Time on Analysis

With traditional CAE tools, CFD model preparation can account for up to 80 percent of the overall CAE process. This is often the result of tedious geometry cleanup and preparation, and challenges associated with obtaining a closed fluid volume. Traditional CAE  models are also often disconnected from the CAD geometry, requiring you to recreate a model every time a design change is made.

Simcenter 3D is an integrated, modern simulation environment for model preparation, execution and results visualization. Robust analysis geometry preparation capabilities are a major focus. Specifically, synchronous technology allows direct, history-independent editing of multi-CAD geometry. CAD/CAE associativity pushes design changes directly and automatically to analysis models, eliminating time-consuming model rebuilds every time a design change is made. Simcenter also includes sophisticated surface wrapping technology for extracting the most complicated fluid volumes for CFD modeling and analysis.

Simcenter 3D eliminates repetitive and time-consuming CFD model preparation, and accelerates simulation productivity.

Surface Wrapping Technology

Rapidly create fluid domain geometry in just a matter of seconds. Simcenter 3D includes powerful surface wrapping technology that rapidly extracts complex interior or exterior surface volumes for CFD analysis. Furthermore, the new fluid domain geometry is associated to the base design, so you can quickly update your analysis model whenever the design changes.

Simplify CAE Geometry Editing

Synchronous technology in Simcenter 3D provides you with for fast and intuitive direct CAE geometry editing capabilities for better fluid modeling. You can quickly create and analyze design alternatives and intuitively use geometry as a design variable to drive optimization analyses.

CFD Meshing

You can create unstructured fluid meshes and boundary layer meshes using linear tetrahedral, brick, wedge and pyramid element types. Simcenter 3D includes a complete set of automatic and manual CFD meshing options to produce the right mesh for your application.

Integrated CFD Analysis for Fast and Accurate Fluid Flow Simulation

From the gust of air that induces rotation in a windmill, to the hot exhaust exiting an automobile’s tailpipe, to the burst of medication issuing from the nozzle of an oral inhalation device – fluid dynamics are an essential and inextricable part of everyday life. The flow of gases and liquids can be crucial to both the functionality and survivability of a product. Therefore, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis is a major engineering consideration. Simcenter 3D integrates comprehensive flow analysis capabilities to help you to both visualize and optimize the flow characteristics of your designs, for better-performing, longer-lasting products.

Compressible Flow

Realistically and accurately simulate the flow of gases. Optimize flow paths, reduce pressure losses, and visualize turbulent flow fields, all within the same environment.

Incompressible Flow

Conveniently simulate liquids in internal or external flow scenarios. Generate insight necessary to improve uniformity, understand dynamic behavior and optimize performance.

1D Fluid Networks

Model complex fluid networks one dimensionally and couple directly to three dimensional CFD analysis models. Generate realistic insight without the computational overhead.

Non-Newtonian Flow

Easily simulate fluids with shear-rate-dependent viscosities. Confidently analyze blood flow, molten plastic, toothpaste, ketchup or the specific non-Newtonian fluid your application demands.

CFD Modeling

Shorten model preparation time and enhance productivity with custom tools for interior surface wrapping and boundary layer meshing. Conquer complex geometry preparation, and start your flow analysis sooner.

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