Simcenter Thermal Analysis

Realistic Heat Transfer Simulation

Thermal management is a major consideration for a wide range of products, including industrial machinery, automobiles and consumer electronics. The objective of any thermal management solution is to maintain a product’s temperature within a range that is optimal for performance. Accomplishing this may require the removal or addition of heat, either passively or in an actively managed fashion, and this can be evaluated using thermal analysis software. The Simcenter 3D suite of solutions includes comprehensive, best-in-class thermal simulation capabilities that can help you to understand the thermal characteristics of your product and subsequently tailor your thermal management solution for optimal performance.


Realistically and accurately simulate real-world conduction problems. Generate crucial insight concerning thermal distributions throughout contiguous structures and liquids.

Conjugate Heat Transfer

Simultaneously solve convection and conduction. Conduct a virtual thermal survey to identify hot spots and areas of concern early in the design.


Easily account for radiation effects in mixed-mode heat transfer problems. Conduct realistic thermal simulations for space applications.

Thermal Modeling

Shorten model preparation time and enhance productivity with custom tools for interior surface wrapping and boundary layer meshing. Conquer complex geometry preparation, and start your analysis sooner.

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