Tecnomatix Dimensional Quality

Ensure product quality by understanding the impact of dimensional variation before design release.

Manufacturers spend millions of dollars every year chasing and fixing product quality issues. A large percentage of these issues are due to dimensional variation, which leads to build problems, late-stage engineering changes, scrap and rework or worse: product failure in the field.
As a result, manufacturers have turned to tolerance analysis or some form of tolerance stack-up. The problem is that analyzing the part tolerance stack-up in the assembly does not allow for tooling and manufacturing process variation, which are significant contributors to dimensional variation.
The Tecnomatix dimensional quality solutions enables you to analyze the impact of manufacturing processes on design features and tolerances highlighting the sources and amounts of dimensional variation. It helps you improve design quality and eliminate costly prototypes while reducing labor, tooling and metrology costs on the shop floor.

Variation Analysis

The Variation Analysis solution (formerly VSA) is a powerful dimensional analysis tool used to simulate manufacturing and assembly processes, in order to predict the amounts and causes of dimensional variation.
With the highly complex products of today, dimensional variation can consume enormous amounts of time and effort to control. The specified tolerances of single parts can easily lead to issues during assembly, which is a costly time to make changes.
Variation Analysis (VSA) is a powerful dimensional analysis tool used to simulate manufacturing and assembly processes and predict the amounts and causes of variation. A digital prototype is used to create a comprehensive representation of geometry, product variation (tolerances), assembly process variation (sequence, assembly attachment definition, tooling) and measurements. This model is used to predict if there will be any assembly build problems, before any physical parts are made or tooling is cut.
Variation Analysis can help reduce the negative impact of variation on product dimensional quality, cost and time to market. Since the foundation of Variation Analysis lies within Teamcenter Lifecycle Visualization, it also extensively leverages the digital prototyping and visualization capabilities of Lifecycle Visualization Mockup, Teamcenter’s powerful real-time visualization and digital prototyping solution.

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