NX CAM 3Axis Milling

A Comprehensive NX CAM 3-Axis Milling Software Solution

Siemens NX CAM 3-axis milling software module in NX provides a comprehensive solution for the programming of free form parts, such as molds and dies.
With Siemens NX CAM 3-axis milling software you can achieve a high material removal rate and superior surface finish. The advanced cutting strategies include roughing, rest milling, high-speed machining (HSM) and finishing.

Smooth offset cutting

NX provides smooth offset pattern cuts with special step over moves and corner treatments to maintain high feed rates and fine finishes. You can cut inside out or outside in.

Smooth transitions

Step over and traverse motions are smoothed to minimize machine jerk and keep feed rates maximized throughout the entire operation.


The optimized roughing methods in NX maximize the material removal rate without overloading the tool. It features:

  • Automatic multiple cut ranges with variable cut depths
  • HSM cutting patterns for increased material removal rate
  • In-process work piece (IPW) automatically tracks the machined and remaining material

Trochoidal Cutting Strategy

The trochoidal cutting method is a high-speed roughing method that maintains high metal removal rates while managing tool loads. It automatically prevents you from exceeding your specified cutting conditions.
The smooth corners, step overs, and engagements of this cutting strategy ensure safe cutting conditions at high speeds and feeds.

Rest Milling

Fully automated rest milling removes uncut material from previous operations and eliminates air-cutting. With the rest milling capabilities you can:

  • Generate efficient multi -stage roughing based on IPW
  • Achieve consistent stock for the next cutting operation
  • Use cutting parameters fine-tuned for HSM


NX CAM 3-axis milling offers a wide range of finishing techniques that deliver superior surface finish quality. The smooth and continuous cutting patterns, such as Z-level and offset, can produce consistent surface finish in both steep and shallow areas of the part.

Streamline Tool Path

This HSM operation produces smooth, flowing patterns with fine finishes at high feed rates independent of surface geometry construction methods. It provides equally spaced passes in both steep and shallow areas, and follows the natural shape of the machined area for a superior finish.

Corner Finishing

The flow cut cutting strategy enables you to semi-finish and finish uncut areas in a single operation. NX CAM automatically identifies the un -machined areas in corners and creates an efficient tool path. NX can also automatically generate different flow cut cutting patterns for steep and shallow areas to improve machining conditions.

Synchronized Point Distribution

With Siemens NX CAM, you can ensure that data points on adjacent finish passes of the tool are properly aligned with synchronized point distribution. The consistent machine motion across the passes delivers superior surface finish compared to traditional cutting methods.

Feed Rate Optimization

NX CAM Software can automatically analyze the cutting tool’s material removal rate and adjust feed rate to achieve uniform material removal rate.
The optimized federate can improve machining productivity and extend the tool life.

Safe Cutting Strategies

Automatic collision detection for tools and holders ensures safe machining for even the most demanding part geometry.
NX CAM not only considers the part model geometry during the tool path creation, but it also takes into account the IPW. You can also select the optimum tools for your job by using NX’s capability to report minimum tool length based on the part geometry.

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