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Freeform surfaces do not have rigid radial dimensions, unlike regular surfaces such as planes, cylinders and conic surfaces. They are used to describe forms such as turbine blades, car bodies and boat hulls. Initially developed for the automotive and aerospace industries, freeform surfacing is now widely used in all engineering design disciplines from consumer goods products to ships.

NX freeform modeling software gives you the power and creative flexibility to explore alternative design concepts quickly. A versatile, integrated toolset combines 2D, 3D, curve, surface, solid, parametric and synchronous modeling for fast and easy shape creation, evaluation and editing.

With advanced freeform modeling, shape analysis rendering and visualization tools, NX delivers all the capabilities of dedicated industrial design systems, and also offers complete integration with NX design, simulation and manufacturing to accelerate development.

Hybrid Modeling Supports any Methodology

With NX hybrid modeling, you can develop freeform designs using any combination of modeling techniques from a broad toolset.

  • Create conceptual layouts quickly from raster images or CAD sketches, using curves and sections to extrude, loft, revolve and extend the geometry.
  • Create surfaces from meshes of curves.
  • Use parametric, feature-based design tools to build details, with advanced features like styled blends.
  • Edit faces with synchronous freeform modeling, sculpting solids by moving iso-parameter curves and poles with push-and-pull simplicity

Advanced Shape Analysis Improves Quality

To ensure the integrity and quality of your freeform designs, NX gives you a broad range of shape analysis and validation tools. These include gap and flushness analysis, curvature and continuity analysis, highlights, real-time reflection lines, curvature combs, draft analysis and real-time reflection mapping. High-performance rendering and visualization help you optimize aesthetic quality.

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