One Step Unforming

One-step Unforming, a fast and accurate freeform Sheet Metal unforming solution, can help to reduce and even eliminate effort/time on costly physical. Try-outs One-step to flatten all or some faces of a sheet metal part using FEM analysis and calculate the thinning, stress, strain, and spring back to predict the risk of forming.

The One-step Unforming and Formability Analysis command helps save costs by reducing physical try-outs. It offers a streamlined workflow based on industry best practices:

Easily work with freeform sheet metal part geometry : One-stepeffectively works with both NX and translated geometry. Part files do not require features and include solid and
surface geometry.

Define material type : One-step supports an extensive set of material types provided within NX Progressive Die Design. Definition of the material properties affects the unformed shape solution.

Control boundary conditions and tip direction : Boundary conditions are applied to control how geometry is unformed. The entire part may be flattened or portions of a part unformed.

Finite element mesh generation and finite element analysis : One-step automates meshing with the creation of high quality meshes
based on best practices and eliminates the need to manually mesh the part. A fast and accurate state-of-the-art solver calculates the blank profile using industry proven formulas.

Blank profile/outline generation and blank modeling : The blank and pre-form outlines are output from One-step and used to quickly
model the flattened blank and intermediate form.

Blank layout and strip layout design : Leverage the full power of NX Progressive Die Design to fulfill downstream design requirements
for blank nesting and strip layout design.

Powerful and flexible : Use predefined standard materials, or configure new material properties. Leverage advanced controls to specify mesh and element type. Automated report generation captures and documents analysis results

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