Teamcenter PLM BOM Management

Know your product with a common source of BOM information across your organization

Effective Teamcenter PLM BOM (bill of materials) management and BOM configuration are critical to your success, whether your product consists of ten parts or ten million. As you develop more innovative products in order to remain competitive, managing accurate product definitions, including bills of materials, becomes increasingly complex. You need to coordinate the upfront planning of available options and features to meet customer demands, as well as connect with a growing number of partners and suppliers who need to be linked with manufacturing, service and support. All this means that the breadth and depth of your product definition are changing and growing. How do you manage it? How well do you really know your product?
Teamcenter PLM helps you know your product by providing a common source of  BOM information across your organization. Whether you need basic BOM management, or more advanced BOM management and BOM configuration with greater flexibility and scalability, Teamcenter BOM management can help you meet and exceed the market demand for more innovative and varied product offerings.

Define and Configure Accurate, Flexible BOMs

Siemens Teamcenter provides a single, accurate product definition for all who interact with the BOM. With flexibility in how you define and manage your BOM, you can provide a complete, up-to-date source of information that eliminates the need for standalone spreadsheets and systems. This accurate product definition is critical to managing all BOM configurations. The BOM management and configuration capabilities in Teamcenter PLM help you handle more product options without additional effort. You can be more flexible in responding to your customers’ needs, and quickly refresh product lines to meet their demands.

Work In-Context with Flexible BOM Management

Decision-makers across your product life – cycle have greatly varied needs when it comes to working with the product definition – there is no single way to look at all that information. With Teamcenter Bill Of Material management and configuration solutions, people across your organization have secure access to a tailored BOM view that’s relevant to their role and their tasks. Whether they work in product development, manufacturing, service or the supply chain, everyone can see and work with the product definition in a meaningful context for them.

Realize Your Products, from Virtual to Physical

One of the biggest gaps for many companies is the link between the virtual product definition and the physical, delivered product. You might be developing products with limited ability to virtually validate whether they can actually be built. You might be relying on costly prototypes, or virtual tests of only a few valid product configurations. Teamcenter BOM management ties your virtual and physical product definitions together, providing accurate digital validation and simulation. You can digitally validate your products, ensuring that what has been designed can actually be built. With “realized products,” you can eliminate costly prototypes and errors later in the process.

Extend BOM Management across the Lifecycle

BOM management and configuration begins long before a single drawing is made, and continues long after the first part is produced. Teamcenter supports up-front planning and master product definition, through design, development, manufacturing, service and more. In addition, Teamcenter helps you integrate your BOM information across other enterprise systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP). You can implement integrated BOM management to eliminate the costly errors associated with independent, standalone BOM sources. With consistent BOM information across systems, you can ensure cost-effective execution of the products you plan for.

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