Flexibility for our customers is key. NX™ software continues to build on existing functionality with new capabilities across a range of sectors, with the goal of enabling you to create an accurate digital twin of your products. There maybe instances where you want to use a module you wouldn’t typically use to get the job done, and we recognize that. This is where our Value Based Licensing offering comes into play.

What is Value Based Licensing?

Value Based Licensing in NX provides a very flexible and cost effective method for anyone to run a range of NX add-on modules. There are over 110 products in the token pool that you can utilize, laying the groundwork for extreme flexibility for your workflows. You only need to run what is needed from the large pool of available products; if there’s a group of occasionally needed products you typically use, with Value Based Licensing, you can run these products without having to make a separate purchase. What’s more, you’ll have access to any new products from day one; no delays ensure you can continue to operate at 100% from the get go.

One single subscription price allows access to all products within the token pool!

So, how does Value Based Licensing work?

Each NX application in the pool consumes a defined number of tokens when they are in use. The total number of applications that can be checked out on top of your base application is limited by the number of tokens that you have available within your total token pool. Let’s consider this as an example:

Let’s say you have 5 users with an NX Mach 1 floating seat and a total token pool of 100. User one in your team starts using NX Human Modeling, spending 26 tokens of your available pool. 15 minutes later, the second user starts using Realize Shape, costing an additional 35 tokens from the original pool of tokens. At that moment, there are 39 available tokens in the pool, but user one has finished with Human Modeling, so the 26 tokens are returned, meaning there’s 65 tokens now available.

Check out the full list of add-on modules available to you

NX Value Based Licensing

Why use Value Based Licensing?

Value Based Licensing is for everyone. We’ve tailored our offering to small, medium and large enterprises, so that everyone can experience the benefits of accessing other products from the token pool. It’s an approach that enables cost effective flexibility, so you and your team can tap into a vast array of add-ons and tools on demand. Maybe you need them on a daily basis, or there’s only an occasional need? What’s more, you can even blend both value based licensing and floating add-on modules seamlessly.

We’re always making regular additions to the Value Based Licensing pool as and when new modules become available, so it’s a great way to access new functionality without any additional cost. It makes it that much easier to justify upgrading between versions.

Important things to remember

There are several factors to consider when deciding how many tokens you’ll need in your total pool:

  • The total number of users who will need access to the total pool
  • What would be your typical ‘daily use’ NX products, and what would you define as the ‘occasional use’ NX products
  • A Value Based License pool is a viable choice when a wide variety of NX applications are needed to be ran.
    • Our general rule is that if you need 4 or more add-ons, tokens could be the best approach for you

The important thing is to emphasize is the flexibility of Value Based Licensing; we can help you size your pool and get the best configuration to suit your needs

Getting the most out of your Value Based Licensing investment

Configuring your optimal token pool is just one step. We have a range of additional content so you can get the best out of NX and your additional add-on modules.

By Jamie Tyler

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