Process Automation

Streamline processes and reduce costs by effectively managing the work people do throughout the product life – cycle

Across your business, people are wasting a lot of time. Without effective product life- cycle management (PLM) process execution, they waste time working with out-of-date information, figuring out what’s next in a process, or searching for the information they need to get their jobs done. They waste time tracking down task status and reconciling information between their project management and work execution systems. Wasted time is wasted money..
What if you could more effectively manage the work people do? With Teamcenter, you can bridge the gap between planning and execution by reducing the manual effort and cost of managing and tracking any PLM process. You can focus people on the right tasks, with the right data, to make the right decisions at the right time.

Digitize, Standardize and Optimize Manual Processes

With Teamcenter, you can automate product development processes, regardless of how simple or complex they are. You can create work flows that build-in your business logic, and define standard process templates to enforce best practices and eliminate errors. Instant status, history and audit trails ensure you have complete control and visibility of your processes. With effective product development process management, you can give everyone exactly what they need to complete their task at the right time.

Program and Project Management Solutions

Teamcenter includes project and program management solutions that help you bridge the gap between project planning, execution, and the data and deliverable that are the inputs and outputs of the whole PLM process. With a single, integrated solution, you can more effectively manage programs, projects, resources, tasks and schedules.

Product Change Management

Change management is a critical PLM process. Teamcenter delivers end-to-end, closed-loop product change management so you can synchronize change and integrate your change processes across all product domains. With flexible change management powered by PLM, you can implement change quickly, accurately and comprehensively.

Enterprise Portfolio Management

With Teamcenter product development process management, you can take the right products to market at the right time with a holistic view of information to optimize your portfolio. You can leverage best-in-class enterprise portfolio management tools to determine what should be executed by aligning your product and project portfolio with your revenue targets and strategic objectives. With enterprise portfolio management connected to a PLM process, you can make smarter portfolio decisions with a clear understanding of what can be executed. With PLM and portfolio management working together, you can ensure you have the time, people, and money to meet your targets.

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