Simcenter Component Fatigue

Predict critical fatigue areas and corresponding fatigue life while optimizing metal and seamweld fatigue

Simcenter Virtual.Lab Component Fatigue is a complete solution to accurately assess the fatigue behavior of individual components in a single, integrated simulation environment. By combining component loads derived from prototype measurements or multibody simulations, finite element-based stress results and cyclic fatigue material parameters, component fatigue allows you to predict critical fatigue areas and corresponding fatigue life.

The user interface provides you with a clear, built-in work flow and templates to guide you through the process. With seamless access to finite element (FE) meshes and stresses, automatic Nastran® and Ansys® driving and direct component load importing, you can quickly prepare fatigue analysis all within the same environment. The process is automatically captured in a job file which you can reuse for other analyses.

Component fatigue offers all the fatigue life analysis capabilities of the popular LMS Falancs solver, including assessment of low-cycle fatigue, high-cycle fatigue, infinite life, stress gradient correction and below-surface fatigue as well as seamweld and spotweld analysis.

With dedicated post processing functions, you can quickly identify and solve fatigue life problems and experiment with multiple design options. Parametric analysis lets you identify innovative design solutions before physical prototyping.

Component Fatigue Capabilities

Component Fatigue provides you with these features:

  • A solution that tightly integrates FE, test and fatigue life prediction
  • Seamless access to structural FE meshes and stresses from leading finite element analysis (FEA) tools
  • Accurate seamweld and spotweld modeling
  • Process capture in a job-file
  • Direct component-load import from prototype measurements or multi body simulation
  • Industry standard fatigue life solver with proven accuracy and speed
  • Dedicated durability visualization and post processing tools
  • Analysis templates that capture simulation workflow

Component Fatigue Benefits
Component Fatigue helps you:

  • Make fast and accurate fatigue life predictions based on realistic loading conditions
  • Obtain immediate feedback on critical durability areas
  • Understand the cause of fatigue problems
  • Explore multiple design options and optimize the design for durability performance
  • Optimize (reduce) the required test setup for signoff
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