Siemens NX for Industrial Design and Styling

Innovative Design with High-Performance Siemens NX Computer-Aided Industrial Design Software

Innovative product design is a well thought-out combination of form, fit and function that leaves customers with a positive experience each time they use a product. Distinctive design and styling gives companies a competitive advantage. Design is the key differentiator in most of today’s industries. Of course, the design must not only be visually appealing, but it must be functional, manufacturable and affordable to build, support and maintain.

Our products deliver flexible, robust computer-aided industrial design and styling software that accelerates your product engineering by providing fast concept designs that can be directly used in modeling.

Main Features of NX CAD Industrial Design Software

Shape analysis and validation

Designers can readily evaluate the analytical and visual quality of complex shapes with the real-time analysis functions of NX. Continuity and curvature checking analyze curves and surface connection quality and flow. Gap and flushness analysis measures the openings between surface panels and helps evaluate their appearance. Highlight lines and reflection contours help assess surface quality by generating reflected or projected lines from light sources, and isocline curves help analyze slope variations. The real-time graphical displays accelerate evaluation and help guide modifications to
improve shape quality.

Rendering and visualization

NX includes high-performance rendering and visualization tools that help designers explore materials, colors and textures, and visualize products in different scenes and environments. Designers can choose from a variety of real-time rendering modes to display their designs with materials, reflections, backgrounds, floors, shadows and lighting. Each rendering mode provides easy setup of a default scene with the push of a button. Real-time ray tracing produces photorealistic images with inter-object reflections, refractions and global illumination effects, and gives designers a comprehensive set of specialized visualization features.


  • Capture and refine concepts faster
  • Iterate and evolve designs easily and quickly
  • Develop product forms in a fraction of the time required with traditional tools
  • Distinguish products with style, aesthetic appearance and quality of form
  • Reduce time-to-production with integrated product engineering
  • Maintain design and styling intent from concept through production
  • Reduce design time with reverse engineering capability
  • Increase productivity with powerful and versatile design tools
  • Rapidly evaluate design concepts with advanced visualization and virtual prototypes
  • Collaborate across product disciplines
  • Easy to incorporate feedback from end users, engineering and manufacturing
  • Quick to impact design change


  • Powerful, flexible, comprehensive toolkit for advanced shape design
  • Integrated curve, surface, and solid modeling capabilities
  • Advanced surface quality controls and validation tools
  • Integrated subdivision modeling
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use modeling
  • High-performance visualization and rendering tools
  • Reverse engineering tools for designing from physical concept models

Freeform Shape Modeling

NX offers advanced capabilities for shape creation, manipulation and analysis. These tools ensure that you can create the most complex freeform shapes quickly, with ease and adaptability to change. Read more…

Reverse Engineering

Reduce the time required to develop CAD models from physical objects with NX. You can scan your data and immediately begin building supports for 3D printing, creating molds based on the shape, including it in an assembly, analyzing it, or performing any other operation that you would do with CAD data. Read more…

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