Product Change Management

Execute change quickly, accurately, and comprehensively
Effective product change management is critical to the continuous and systematic improvement of your products. Inconsistent and manual processes, globally distributed resources, and ever-increasing regulations make it difficult to respond to pressures for a constant stream of innovative new products. To keep up with the pace of today’s market demands, you must be able to effectively manage the evolution of your products.
With Teamcenter, you can use the power of product lifecycle management (PLM) to optimize your product change management, and realize innovation. You can effectively manage the evolution of your products, issues and improvements, while also implementing the changes quickly, accurately and comprehensively to better respond to your customers’ needs.

Assess the Full Impact of Change

Impact analysis capabilities in Teamcenter help you understand the complete scope of impacted data, people, and processes. For example, a change that costs very little in design may require a complete re-tooling in manufacturing, or maybe the resources required to execute a change aren’t available for months. When you use product change management software to understand the complete impact of change, you can make accurate decisions about cost and timing commitments.

Right-sized Change Processes

Product change management capabilities in Teamcenter provide an accurate understanding of a change, so you can determine if it requires the structure and rigor of a formal process, or only a simple change process. You have the flexibility to manage and execute the right change for the job.

End-to-end Execution

Product change management in Teamcenter helps you manage your change processes across all impacted domains, timelines, and resources. Powerful workflow and schedule management capabilities make it easier for you to manage complex changes. Consistent closed-loop processes provide feedback to help optimize change processes, as well as support complete traceability for audit history and tracking.

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