Simcenter Multimech

Predict how, when, and why advanced materials may fail at the microstructural level

Simcenter Multimech is a multiscale material modeling and simulation platform. The software  extends the flexibility and robustness of the finite element method down to the microstructural level, strongly coupling the macro and micro mechanical response, and thereby integrating materials engineering to part design. Simcenter Multimech helps companies accelerate the product development lifecycle by predicting how, when, and why failure will occur in innovative materials.

Simcenter Multimech is integrated within the Simcenter 3D environment. It can also be used as a plugin for Abaqus and Ansys.

Automatic Microstructure Generation & Optimization

Automatically generate the geometry and meshing of your micro structural models. The only inputs required are basic design variables. You can also quickly and easily apply various loading scenarios to gain insight into how the material will perform in different conditions.

Manufacturing Variability & Imperfections

Simcenter accounts for manufacturing variability and imperfections to maximize product reliability. Import process-induced variation data and automatically convert it to microscale, including volume fraction and fiber orientation tensors to simulate injection-molded parts.

Multiscale Material Modeling

Simcenter enables you to zoom into the material microstructure to identify the root cause of failure and see what damage mechanisms affect structural performance. Optimize your material microstructure for the most cost-efficient performance.

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