What Is Generative Design?

Generative design process is one that engineers can adapt to very quickly develop new products based upon meeting design constraints. It is an iterative process that produces fast results the engineer can refine via constraint variation to narrow in on the best design to meet the requirements. As companies face increasing pressure to deliver products to market faster, generative design is now a necessity in product development. Engineers, constrained by time limits, frequently choose the first feasible design rather than the optimal one. It is imperative for companies to adopt tools that empower engineers to find the best design to meet requirements sooner in the development process in order to stay competitive.

Siemens NX Empowers Design Engineers by utilizing a set of tools for easily employing generative design

Generative software runs through more design possibilities than a human is able to, allowing the designer to pick the best of these. Building on breakthrough Convergent Modeling™ technology that allows designers to seamlessly work with and model with faceted geometry, NX is the only design platform that combines tools for design optimization, advanced geometry creation, freeform shapes, and parametric design to make generative design a reality. Integrating these tools gives designers more flexibility and choice when dealing with complex geometries. Using these technologies in combination also allows companies to go beyond traditional solutions that focus solely on optimizing shape in order to achieve a truly multidisciplinary design.

2D & 3D CAD Modeling

With the industry’s most powerful and versatile CAD modeling tools, NX enables you to freely use any modeling approach that fits your design challenge and get innovative products to market faster. Read More…

Design for Additive Manufacture

Additive manufacturing is changing the way products are designed as well as how they are manufactured, by enabling optimized designs that were previously impossible or too expensive to make. Design, optimize, and build metal and plastic components using the latest additive manufacturing methods. Read More….

Modeling Technology Platform

Speed innovation by using the most productive modeling approaches interchangeably – from explicit solid and surface modeling to parametric and direct modeling, along with facet-based modeling. Read More….

Benefits of Building with Generative Design Process

By using generative design, engineers can create and simulate thousands of designs (many of which they may not have envisioned on their own) in a fraction of the time it would normally take. As additional benefit, the generative design process can yield highly customized complex shapes as the best solutions – which can be cast or processed through high-resolution additive manufacturing.

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