Siemens NX Advanced Sheet Metal Design Software

Advanced Sheet Metal commands enable you to work with straight-brake and non-straight-brake features.
These commands offer cutting-edge technology to control the flattening process. When these commands are used in conjunction with the Sheet Metal commands, they provide a complete set of tools to model the sheet metal part successfully.

NX Advanced Sheet Metal

NX Advanced Sheet Metal has been re-written in NX to be consolidated with NX Sheet Metal. Its Advanced Sheet Metal features—Advanced Flange, for example—are targeted at parts that have non-linear bend lines and are typically not manufactured with straight brake tooling. This allows more automotive parts to be created and flattened using the NX Sheet Metal (Advanced) application, typically in automotive parts around the curved edges of a plate that requires a strengthening flange. Advanced flanges can be created on non-linear edges or tangent curves. The flanges can follow a contour curved or b-surface face as well as a reference surface, supporting bend allowance and compensation adjustments.

Additionally, NX Advanced Sheet Metal in NX now also includes functionality that was previously only available in NX Aerospace Sheet Metal. Starting in NX, Aerospace Sheet Metal is retired, and its functionality can now be found in the improved and consolidated Advanced Sheet Metal product—Aerospace Flange is now Advanced Flange; Aerospace Joggle now Joggle; and Aerospace Lightening Cutout now simply Lightening Cutout.

NX Advanced Sheet Metal For Aerospace Sheet Metal Parts

NX Advanced Sheet Metal is now the product to choose for creating aerospace sheet metal parts. Typically, the aerospace sheet metal parts have planar tabs and webs, with the flanges being offsets from the curved surface of the fuselage skin for the frames, and the ribs in the wings have their flanges offset from the airfoil skin. Using the Advanced Flange, the tabs and webs are automatically trimmed and flanges added as reference to the airframe or wing’s skin.

With the new Joggle command, complex joggles can be created on tabs and flanges. This allows the sheet metal parts to fit around each other in assembly, with the stationary to offset (joggled) region via transition, with run-out and clearance values input during the joggle creation. With both Advanced Flange and Joggle, there are additional flat pattern compensation controls available to allow for finer adjustment of the flat pattern.

Lightening Cutouts are used in aerospace to reduce weight, add strength, and provide access for cables. The Lightening Cutout creates a flanged cutout inside a sketch or defined point to simulate a stamping tool, which creates a bent flanged edge to reduce chaffing on any cables fed through it.

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