Siemens NX CAD Product Design Software

Siemens NX CAD for product engineering enables you to deliver products to market right the first time. Increase market gains, decrease development costs, and improve product quality through more virtual product models and fewer costly physical prototypes.

The increasing complexity of products, development processes and design teams challenges you to find new tools and methods to deliver greater innovation and higher quality at lower cost. Siemens NX 3D Product Design CAD software delivers power, efficiency and cost savings that extend beyond the design process to all phases of product development.

Flexibility and Power for the Toughest Designs

Siemens NX CAD Mechanical Product Design Software delivers comprehensive modeling, enabling you to use the most productive modeling approaches interchangeably – from explicit solid and surface modeling to parametric and direct modeling. NX CAD Software enables you to freely use any modeling approach that fits your design challenge. With the industry’s most powerful and versatile CAD modeling tools, you can create and edit geometry with greater speed and flexibility.

  • Comprehensive 3D Modeling Software
  • Modular Product Design for Complex Components
  • Intuitive, Discoverable and Configurable User Interface

Assembly Design

Create and Manage Assembly CAD Models of Any Size or Complexity with Siemens NX CAD

Siemens NX CAD provides the most powerful CAD assembly design tools available. Supporting both top-down and bottom-up design techniques, NX gives you advanced assembly management and navigation for the most complex assemblies. NX provides the most powerful CAD assembly design tools available. Supporting both top-down and bottom-up techniques, NX helps you manage and navigate assembly models, and keep your team organized and on-track.

  • Performance for Massive Assemblies
  • Accelerate Assembly Design, Improve Quality
  • Digital Mock up in the Assembly Design Environment

Sheet Metal Design

Efficiently Design and Manage Sheet Metal Components

Using familiar terminology and work flows, NX CAD Software helps you efficiently create sheet metal parts based on the knowledge of material properties and manufacturing processes. NX Sheet Metal design tools incorporate material and bending information, enabling the model to represent both the formed component and flattened blank shapes. NX Sheet Metal Design Software incorporates material and process information in sheet metal-specific modeling features: bends, flanges, tabs, cutouts, beads, dimples, louvers, corner and edge treatments, patterns and other formable features. You can also quickly convert solid models to sheet metal components, and create sheet metal parts that enclose other components.

  • Design for Fabrication
  • Faster Aerospace Sheet Metal Design

Template-Based Design

Designing from product templates helps you accelerate design, standardize product design processes, and maximize the time and cost savings of re-use. With NX CAD , you can quickly create templates from existing designs and easily re-use them for new designs. Re-use of design information and process knowledge helps you reduce costs, increase innovation and boost efficiency in Product Design. NX CAD supports your re-use strategies with template-based design. This enables you to readily use parametric product models as templates for new designs, incorporating your product and process knowledge within the template to dramatically reduce the time and effort required to develop product variants.

  • Create CAD Templates without Programming
  • Automate Processes with Product Templates
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