CMM Programing

Advanced Programming for Coordinate-Measuring Machines

NX enables you to generate complete machine inspection programs for coordinate-measuring machines (CMM). NX CMM Inspection Programming reduces programming time, frees-up expensive CMM machine resources and ensures fast responses to design changes.

Automated CMM Programming

You can reduce inspection programming time by as much as 80 percent by using the product and manufacturing information (PMI) – including GD&T and 3D annotation – that is associated with the CAD model. NX CMM programming can use this data to generate inspection programs automatically. You can further automate the programming process by applying your own standard inspection path methods, tools and project templates.

Post processing and Simulation

By selecting the appropriate postprocessor, you can have the NX CMM software create machine instructions in DMIS or machine-specific formats. Before sending the program to the shop floor, you can make sure that inspection programs are collision free and match the intended measurement strategy. NX also provides inspection program verification and full machine simulation, including a number of standard CMM machine models. The kinematic model-based simulations of the machine allow you verify that all features are reachable, and that machine limits are not exceeded.

Integrated Solution

You can rapidly update inspection programs based on design and manufacturing changes by using the associativity between NX CAD, CAM and CMM applications. Siemens also offers CMM Inspection and Execution software to drive coordinate-measuring machines using the output from NX CMM.

Solution Connectivity

You can use Teamcenter for process and data management to ensure that you are always working with the correct file version regardless of your geographic location. The integration between Teamcenter and NX allows you to:

  • Store the inspection part in Teamcenter as an NX model using NX interface.
  • Attach the DMIS inspection file to the revision of the product item.
  • View the 3D inspection model in Teamcenter as NX or JT data.
  • Release the inspection model and the DMIS file for shop floor inspection.
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