NX CAM Production Machining

NX CAM Production Machining Cut programming time by 60 percent with NX CAM software

NX provides complete computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software solutions for machine tool programming, postprocessing and machining simulation. NX CAM software’s advanced functions in each of its modules can maximize returns on your investments in the latest machine tool technology.

Advanced Programming Capabilities

NX CAM software provides a wide range of functionality, from simple NC programming to high-speed and multi-axis machining, enabling you to address many tasks with one system. The flexibility of NX CAM software means that you can easily complete the most demanding jobs.

Powerful industry-specific CAM software capabilities for mold and die machining, production machining, complex parts machining, and shop floor connectivity, have been specially-designed to dramatically increase your overall manufacturing productivity in NX CAM.

With the help of Siemens PLM NX CAM Production Machining Software.  You can automate the programming of prismatic features and, more importantly, minimize the cycle time on the machine tool with NX. Hole-making is a significant focus for production manufacturers, because holes make up a large part of this type of machining. NX CAM provides several efficiency improvements and more automation for hole- making, including new optimized operations for deep-hole and sequential drilling. These new methods yield reduced cycle times and 60 percent faster programming.

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