Robotics Simulation and Programming

Optimize automation systems using 3D robotic workcell design, simulation, and offline programming.

Across all major industries, market pressures and structural costs are requiring manufacturers to build more automation and increased flexibility into their production facilities. Individual plants need to increase the number of products they can build, while exceeding their current quality targets and optimizing their shop floor footprint. Manufacturers must rely, more than ever, on robotics and automation systems to boost production efficiency and flexibility.
With Tecnomatix robotics simulation and programming solutions, you can work in both data-managed and file-based environments for the development of robotic and automated production systems. These tools address multiple levels of robot simulation and workstation development, from single-robot stations to complete production lines and zones. Using collaborative tools, you can enhance communication and coordination among manufacturing disciplines, enabling smarter decision-making. This allows you to bring automation systems online much faster and with fewer errors.

Process Simulate for Robotics and Automation

Process Simulate is event-based robotics simulation and offline programming software that is fully integrated with a data-managed environment. This can help you and your engineers re-use, author, validate and optimize automation systems quicker than ever before. Process Simulate supports a wide range of robotic applications allowing you to simulate complete production systems.
Process Simulate provides the answer to these issues through the design and validation of manufacturing processes in a 3D dynamic environment that is fully integrated within a data-managed environment, where manufacturing engineers can re-use, author, validate and optimize manufacturing process sequences with realistic behavior. Process Simulate supports a variety of robotic and automation processes allowing for simulation and commissioning of complete production systems.
Process Simulate enables increased speed-to-market by allowing you to validate manufacturing concepts virtually, early in the product development process and throughout the lifecycle of product introductions.

Key Capabilities and Benefits

  • 3D process design and simulation based on industry-standard JT visualization data
  • Robotic path planning, reach test, and smart placement
  • 3D manufacturing resource models with integrated control logic
  • Logic-driven simulation utilizing boolean and analog signaling
  • Event-based simulation driven from actual programmable logic controller (PLC) code and hardware over standard OLE for process control (OPC) protocol.

Robot Expert

Robot Expert is a Microsoft® Windows®-based robotics simulation system that supports simulation and offline programming for unique industry applications such as material handling, cutting, material surface treatment, and arc welding.
Robot Expert software from Siemens PLM Software enables the design, simulation and optimization of your robotic processes, including offline industrial robot programming, to maximize the speed, flexibility and operation of your automated systems. Robot Expert is an easy-to-deploy robot simulation software system that supports unique industry applications such as pick-and-place, material surface treatment, arc welding and laser cutting. Featuring an intuitive 3D environment, Robot Expert gives you the power to simulate complete manufacturing cells and systems, allowing you to optimize robotic paths and improve cycle times. With Robot Expert, you have the ability to create the best arrangement of equipment to meet your specific manufacturing needs.

Key Capabilities and Benefits

  • 3D modeling of kinematics for tooling and robots
  • Support for robots from a vast array of vendors (ABB, Fanuc, Kuka, etc.)
  • Dynamic 3D robot simulation
  • Collision detection
  • Gantt chart representation
  • Offline industrial robot programming
  • Accurate cycle time calculation using realistic robot simulation (RRS)
  • Ability to upload robot programs from the shop floor
  • Customized user interface and functionality
  • Intuitive and native Windows environment too


Robcad, which runs on both UNIX and Windows, is a traditional workcell design and simulation tool that allows you to develop, simulate, optimize, validate and offline program multi-device robotic and automated manufacturing processes.
Robcad is a workcell design and simulation tool that allows you to develop, simulate, optimize, validate, and offline program multi-device robotic and automated manufacturing processes, all within the context of configured product and resource data. These full-action mockups of complete manufacturing cells and systems within a 3D environment provide a platform to optimize processes and calculate cycle times throughout the various stages of the development timeline, from concept through implementation.
Robcad fully integrates core technologies and a powerful set of process-specific applications addressing a wide range of manufacturing processes including spot welding, arc welding, laser and water-jet cutting, painting and spraying, and material handling.

Key Capabilities and Benefits

  • Interoperability with mainstream CAD systems
  • 3D layout definition of automation workcells
  • Accurate simulation and synchronization of multiple robots and mechanisms
  • Extensive library of standard robot models and robot controller configurations
  • Automation tools for robot placement, equipment selection, path planning and optimization, program generation and collision detection
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