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NX for Design builds on the breakthrough technology of previous releases to deliver a set of refined tools that will help you take innovation to the next level. NX combines solutions for multidisciplinary, generative design, and design for additive manufacturing with best-in-class data preservation and deployment readiness, making NX CAD the design tool of choice.

Multidisciplinary Design in NX

Delivering a unified platform for electro-mechanical design

It’s no secret that products today are increasingly complex with many, if not most, reliant on integrated electronics. It is critical that designers of both systems collaborate throughout the development process in order to prevent conflicts and ensure alignment between each system prior to design completion.

An efficient ECAD-MCAD co-design process enables you to eliminate costly electro-mechanical issues during new product development by giving a holistic view.

  • Integration with Mentor Graphics Capital Harness and Xpedition
  • Piping & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) Designer
  • ELMA Design Review collaboration

Generative Design in NX

Changing the way products come to life.

Compressed schedules often force engineers to choose the first feasible design option. By mimicking nature’s evolutionary approach, generative design empowers you to identify the best design sooner while reducing the number of iterations needed, so you can stay ahead of the competition. Siemens NX Software helps to optimize product design.

Generative design in NX combines tools for topology optimization, advanced geometry creation, free-form shapes, parametric design, and facet or mesh modeling.

Design for Additive Manufacturing in NX

3D Printing in NX CAD For Next Gen Products

Additive manufacturing is changing the way products are designed as well as how they are manufactured, by enabling optimized designs that were previously impossible or too expensive to make.

Our Siemens NX CAD Delhi is an integrated platform that meets the unique challenges of designing, optimizing, and building metal and plastic components using the latest additive manufacturing methods. Breakthrough technology delivers advanced methods for designing lightweight parts, while design validation checkers ensure manufacturability.

  • Lattice Structures
  • Design Validation for Additive Manufacturing
  • Print production quality parts with traceability

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