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Siemens expands Xcelerator portfolio with enhanced Model Based Definition in latest version of NX software

Siemens Digital Industries Software announces the availability of the latest version of NX software, including capabilities that allow companies to use a rules and knowledge-based approach to Model Based Definition, which builds in best practices and leverages artificial intelligence to dramatically improve productivity.

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Siemens adds multiscale chemistry modeling to Xcelerator portfolio with acquisition of Culgi

Siemens announced today that it has signed an agreement to acquire Culgi, a computational chemistry software company with a focus on multiscale simulations in the process industries. Culgi will join Siemens Digital Industries Software, where its solutions will expand simulation capabilities of the Xcelerator portfolio with quantum and molecular chemistry models that seamlessly couple with the continuum approach in Simcenter STAR-CCM+ software.

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Many Industries implemented Simcenter3D to improve their product performance

1 – AGCO uses Simcenter solutions to reduce durability field data acquisition time by 50 percent. Read More…

2 – Toyota’s Motorsports Unit Development Division uses STAR-CD and Simcenter STAR-CCM+ to optimize performance of racing cars. Read More…

DDSPLM December 2020 Events Calendar

Free SmartAPQP Online Training on 11th December 2020 at 10 AM to 1 PM 

Collaboration and Teamwork

  • Share documents and information across the organization, offices, and locations.
  • Define User, Role, department, project, and location-dependent access control
  • View edit and print access control.
  • Electronic workflows for review and approval.

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Solid Edge 2021 – Free online Training on 18th December 2020 at 10AM to 1 PM

Maximizing your productivity while decreasing your costs

Design at the speed of creative thought, with new subdivision modeling, lightning-fast reverse engineering, a new user interface powered by artificial intelligence and an intelligent 3D model search engine.

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Siemens NX CAM online Training on 22nd December 2020 at 10AM to 12 PM

Complex part machining with NX CAM Software

Using application-specific capabilities, you can dramatically reduce programming time and create smart, collision-free cutting operations.

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Simcenter 3D Webinar on 24th December 2020 at 10 AM to 11 AM

Modal Analysis in Simcenter3D Webinar

There is no single way of measuring FRFs. Simcenter Testing Solutions offer a wide range of capabilities to obtain accurate FRFs.

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Solid Edge 2021: A Complete Product Development Portfolio

Solid Edge 2021 provides the speed you need to get the most out of your entire engineering process—maximizing your productivity while decreasing your costs.

Solid Edge Software Offer Buy 1 Get 1 Free.

  • SE 388F + SE 290              Buy SE Premium – Get SE Classic Free
  • SE 290 + SE 351                 Buy SE Classic – Get SE Foundation Free
  • SE 388F + SE 290             Buy SE Premium – Get SE Foundation Free

*The offer is valid until 19th December, 2020.

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QForm3D Metal Forming Software Updates

QForm3D Software for simulation and optimization of metal forming processes and metal profile extrusion

  • Aluminium Profile Extrusion and QForm Extrusion Die Design Webinar on 19 December 2020 at 3PM to 4 PM.

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IIT Bombay has running successfully our QForm3D Software from last 1year for simulation and optimization of metal forming processes and metal profile extrusion.
  • IIT Bombay published a paper on Flashless forging of Single Pin Cranck Shaft (Widely Used in Bikes) at Achen University, Germany
  • ‘O’ Siksha Anusandhan, Bhuvneshwar is using QFrom and they have done a workshop successfully on 2 Dec 2020 to showcase the benefits of QForm in Simulation Drive Forging.

Cortona 3D Technical Documentation Software Update

Cortona3D will discontinue support  for Internet Explorer and publications that Plug-Ins in Rapidauthor 14.0 in Q3 2021

As Microsoft will stop supporting Internet Explorer 11 in August 2021, Сortona3D will introduce related changes into its RapidAuthor software.

Starting from RapidAuthor 14.0 scheduled for release in Q3, 2021:

  • Plugin-free publications will not support Microsoft Internet Explorer;
  • The publishing option “use browser plugins” will not be available any

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