What’s New in NX: Collaborative Design

Let’s delve in again to another one of the latest capabilities in the NX release. If you prefer listening over reading a blog – then please head over to see our Youtube premier (if you haven’t already). This blog will talk you through similar information found in the premier, but with more detail to get you started in exploring collaboration with NX! Regardless of your field, or expertise, we want to support and deliver you only the best, so let’s get right into some of what we can offer!

Managing Product Design with Global Teams

It goes without saying that we all have teams spread out all over the world. It could be at home working, the office, or quite literally around the globe; and at Siemens, a huge focus for us is to continue to support collaboration for these teams however we can. Through Siemens NX we allow multiple users to track, follow and manage changes to your design live, from anywhere. Let’s say you’re managing a project, or simply co-designing it and want to see the most recent changes made. Well, this is now possible in real time with this cool feature! In the ‘multi-user notification’ inside of NX you can select to be notified of changes to the any of the components and sub-assemblies.

This allows you to track only the parts you want to track (or all of them of course) and enables you to highlight the parts in the graphics window. This makes it much easier to see the parts being edited, and smoother for the design process. You can also filter these notifications in whatever way works for you! For example, this could be through importance, part, user, date and more. This is great for collaborating remotely, as you know all your team members will be aware of the changes.

Active Workspace

Teamcenter Active Workspace with NX creates a ‘truth’. By this, we mean where your work can be accessed by all team members, including current data and knowledge that is available to all. This then spans the entire product lifecycle, from the design stage, all the way through to manufacturing! As said previously, these tracked changes can be personalized to however the user wants to be notified. Making the interface easy and user-friendly to navigate for their own needs. NX and Teamcenter work together to innovate, eliminate rework, and speed time to market.

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