How much Document Management is too much? What if your current process is not enough?

Short answer – it depends. It depends on your users and their specific needs. Luckily, Teamcenter includes document management features with every license.

Have you taken advantage of these features for your users?

For some customers, Teamcenter is a simple library or file storage system for their documents. Others enable consistency and save their users time by providing templates with boilerplate content and managing metadata.

Your documents are consistent and accurate. As a result, your users save time.

Full control over the process

Teamcenter document management is a set of building blocks. So you choose which features to use and when to use them, depending on each document type.

Examples include:

  • Template management – organize by document type, not format. Manage the file template and the business object. It includes naming rules, workflow application, to keep consistent behavior, look and feel.
  • Automated rendering – make sure users can view all documents even if they don’t have the native applications
  • Attribute exchange – save your users time entering data. Teamcenter keeps document status and properties up-to-date. Inherit part information in content by creating a relationship to a BOM node.
  • Digital signatures – ensure critical documents haven’t been modified since their release and approval. Sign PDFs digitally!
  • Managed markup – annotate PDFs with text, highlights, and geometrics. Add GD&T and weld symbols to drawings. Retain disposition reports to track document development, when you need to retain historical records.
  • Print stamps and watermarks. Meet legal and process requirements with the correct distribution statements for each document type. Add specific content or logos, depending on the customer or project.

Teamcenter can help you manage your critical business documents.

We include sample documents designed to help you understand and deploy quickly.
These documents are included with every release! If you have access to Teamcenter documentation on Support Center, you can find detailed info here.

Check the administration document for detailed information

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