Realize Shape

NX for Design introduced Realize Shape, a new task environment for freeform design that uses fast and intuitive subdivision modeling technology. Realize Shape offers you easy-to-use, flexible tools for creating advanced freeform shapes,with in-context analysis and visualization. Real-time ray-traced rendering in NX  displays inter-object reflections and refractions to help optimize product aesthetics.

With NX Realize Shape modeling tools, designers can create highly stylized shapes and advanced forms in a fraction of the time required with traditional computer aided design (CAD) tools. Using subdivision modeling technology, NX Realize shape delivers a fast, efficient and easy-to-use modeling approach that does not require specialized knowledge of curve and surface design techniques.

Continuously Manipulate Shapes

Using NX Realize Shape, designers can continuously manipulate shapes by subdividing an initial form to add greater levels of detail. By manipulating a control mesh with intuitive push-and-pull operations, designers can quickly deform, modify, drag, extrude and morph geometry to develop complex forms. The result is high-quality, precise models with curvature-continuous surfaces that are manufacturable. NX Realize Shape supports fast capture and exploration of design concepts in a streamlined workflow that offers greater creative flexibility, speed and control to explore as many design alternatives as possible.

In addition to NX Realize Shape, NX offers an extensive set of freeform design tools that are useful in all product development disciplines and processes, from concept through manufacturing. These capabilities offer designers versatility and full control when developing advanced shapes using curve-, spline-, and surface-based design techniques. Mixed-mode modeling offers designers a high degree of flexibility to
work with 2D and 3D, solids, surfaces and facets.

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