Die Structure Design Workshop was conducted at Arma Hotel, Gurgaon

Nx die structure design is a specialised solution for automating 3d design of sheetmetal stamping tools.

The Die Design module provides a suite of specialized tools for the creation of die components used in the manufacture of stamped sheet metal parts. These parts usually exhibit the complex, free form shapes that commonly comprise the body of an automobile or truck.

Typical die components, such as the trim steel, flange steel, and scrap cutters, may be defined using standard modeling tools and a variety of features. Each of these complicated objects may consist of several hundred such “primitives.” In contrast, Die Design allows these components to be defined as a single feature. This means the shape controls are reduced to a few standard parameters that are familiar to die designers and easy to specify.

Complete editing capabilities allow the user to quickly make complicated modifications to the component by changing a single parameter. In addition, these features are associative and if the product part changes, the solid body representing the die component is rebuilt accordingly. All in all, Die Design provides a more productive and intuitive way to build die components.

The workshop covered the draw die design part of the entire solution.


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