DDSPLM Design Newsletter – January 2020

New Year Special offers on NX CAD/CAM/CAE/Solid Edge 2020 Software

  • Buy Solid Edge Classic & Get Solid Edge Foundation Free.
  • Buy Solid Edge Premium & Get Solid Edge Classic Free.
  • Buy NX CAD and Workstation Bundle on a down payment at Rs. 99000 only and Balance on 11 EMI.
  • Buy Solid Edge and Workstation Bundle on a down payment at Rs. 99000 only and Balance on 11 EMI.

Contact Us for more details and More offers on Design and CAE Software 9350633147 or Email: marketing@ddsplm.com.

EV Conclave 2020

Visit our booth at EV Conclave on 17th January 2020.

NX for Design has the features, performance, and capabilities to help you get product to market faster than ever before

NX – December 2019. The Latest and Greatest NX Release. The latest updates to NX enable users to create better designs faster, with greater confidence. With the new NX gain:

  • Deeper design understanding and more effective communication.
  • Instantly assess the impact of design changes.
  • Best-in-class features to decrease design time.
  • Integrate the latest updates into your workflow while minimizing the learning curve.
  • With new Additive Design capabilities, efficiency gains of 75% over prior releases are easily attainable.
  • Streamline downstream communication via multiple enhancements to Model Based Definition and Technical Data Packages.

Visit this blog post for more details and videos on the NX December 2019 Release.

With Convergent Modeling, the same modeling techniques and features you use to create native CAD geometry can be used on facet (scanned) geometry.  Many industries use scanned 3D data as part of their design processes. Prior to Convergent Modeling in NX, to work with the scanned data, the user would have to re-create the scanned design using surfaces and solids ― using the facets as a reference only. This is a time-consuming and exacting process – requiring significant time and skill. Convergent Modeling is a critical tool for creating and modifying facet shapes more quickly and with fewer errors than other solutions. Convergent Modeling also supports new manufacturing techniques for complex and irregular shapes such as 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing) and enables solutions like Topology Optimization to seamlessly fit into the design process.
Watch this video to see NX Convergent Modeling in action

Customer Success Story: Euroform – Reduced design time by 50 percent using NX while increasing market share. Euroform is one of Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of tools for the production of plastic injection molded parts. The company serves customers in the food and packaging industry, but its primary area of focus is the automotive industry. Euroform has transitioned entirely to NX, which it continues to use to create 3D designs and molding simulations, and to perform drafting. “By using NX, the duration of our designing processes has decreased to roughly half the time it used to take us. Today, we can design a tool ― depending on its complexity ― in about two to three days, so we can serve many more customers than in the past. We have also increased our market share by 11 percent.” – István HarcsaTools Plant Manager, Euroform
See the case study now.

Accelerate design and manufacturing of molds, tools and dies. Tool design and manufacturing is on the critical path for the development of many products. Tooling companies are facing several challenges:
  • Deliver high quality mold tools
  • Lower supplier costs
  • Handle complex jobs
  • The demand for shorted mold tools delivery times

Companies can gain competitive advantage by effectively leveraging specialized, best practice knowledge in tooling development. NX tooling solutions are the leading solution in the marketplace. Our objective is to transform the tooling development process with advanced automation, knowledge-driven applications for tool design, and manufacturing that are fully integrated with the overall process development process that improves productivity, accelerates the process, reduces waste and cost and improves quality. We have created an infographic looking at the mold, tool, and die market.

NX CAD Training on third Saturday of January 2020.

Attend free Half Day Training of NX CAD on 18 January 2020 at DDS Office in JMD Megapolis. Get Started With NX topics covered:

  • Feature Modeling
  • Synchronous Modeling
  • Data Migration

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