DFMPro for NX

DFMPro for NX accelerates the highlighting of problems and suggests corrective action based on best-practice handbooks and a knowledge repository. It uses the existing, familiar and proven NX Check-Mate framework, and provides an HD3D interface for problem navigation and tagging. It facilitatesout-of-the-box validation checking for machining, sheet metal, injection molding, assembly and casting manufacturing processes. It also uses NX Check-Mate results tools and Teamcenter software integration, and is seamlessly part of NX, running inside Check-Mate, reducing the learning curve for new Check-Mate users.

DFMPro for NX can be used for:

Injection Molding Manufacturability

The injection molding module in DFMPro for NX helps designers automatically validate the design of injection molded plastic parts. The design checks include standard rules and guidelines to improve the moldability of the designs and the life of the mold, increase the operational life of the part and reduce manufacturing costs. Some of the important rules supported for injection molding include uniform wall thickness, appropriate rib design parameters, minimum mold wall thickness, undercuts detection, minimum radius at the tip/base of a boss and minimum draft angles. It also supports multiple pull directions that are required in cases in which side action is required for features in mold.

Machining Manufacturability

The machining module supports common design-for-manufacturing (DFM) guidelines for machining, which helps in manufacturing parts economically and quickly, while ensuring quality with readily available machining tools. DFMPro for NX has rules for the machining process that include drilling,  prismatic milling and lathe machining or turning. Some of the common design guidelines built in the product enable you to avoid deep holes with small diameters, design milling areas so that longer end mills are not required to machine and make sure that features are accessible to the cutting tool in the preferred machining orientation.

Assembly Manufacturability

DFMPro for NX not only supports analysis of parts, but also assemblies. Minimum clearance requirements can be easily specified as a set of rules or checks for individual as well as a set of generic components. The analysis results can also be exported and shared with other users. This drastically reduces the time required for clearance analysis in assemblies, and ensures adherence to nominal clearance specifications. The new assembly module also checks interference between assembly components. It is useful in designing large and complex assemblies. Other checks include hole alignment and fastener clearance.

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