Advanced Assemblies

Advanced Assemblies is designed to help you build and maintain large assemblies. As you assembly component count grows, computer performance can cripple your productivity. Create a single, closed, lightweight solid that represents one or more relatively complex components in an advanced assemblies. Preserve complex exterior details and remove interior details. Reduce the computer memory required when a dimensionally accurate lightweight representation of an assembly is adequate.

Create and Manage Assembly CAD Models of Any Size or Complexity

NX provides the most powerful CAD assembly design tools available. Supporting both top-down and bottom-up techniques, NX helps you manage and navigate assembly models, and keep your team organized and on-track.

Performance for Massive Assemblies

NX readily tackles the world’s most complex assembly designs, even those containing tens of thousands of components. Unique technologies enable you to load and display thousands of components in just seconds, work in the context of the full assembly, and create complete digital mockups as you design.

Accelerate Assembly Design, Improve Quality

NX provides assembly control structures and constraints for parametric assembly design that simplifies design changes and accelerates modeling of configurations, options and variants. Interference and clearance checking, motion envelopes, mass properties analysis, and assembly path planning help you eliminate errors and optimize designs. Visual reporting delivers assembly design and process information to guide decision-making.

Digital Mockup in the Assembly Design Environment

With NX assembly modeling, you can create full digital mockups to validate your designs, identify issues and resolve them. The active mockup capability is built on the lightweight, CAD-neutral JT format, so you can use data from multiple sources for review and collaboration, without a separate mockup application.

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