Program and Project Management Solution

Plan, manage and execute complex processes simply and efficiently

Effective program and project management solutions are becoming more and more critical to product development. As your products, organization and supply chain become more complex, so do the processes required to get products to market on-time and on-budget. Like many companies, you can turn to a stand-alone program and project management solution to manage those complexities, but the result will be project planning in a system disconnected from the data and processes required to execute those projects. As a result, you will find yourself wasting time working on incorrect information, tracking down deliverables, updating statuses and scrambling to address resource bottlenecks.
Teamcenter delivers program and project management solutions within your product lifecycle management (PLM) environment. Easy-to-use tools can help you plan, manage and execute your projects in one place – no matter how simple or complex they are.

Empower Product Leaders

Empower your product leaders by taking advantage of project management solutions in the same PLM system you use every day. You can create basic schedules with milestones, dependencies, and deliverables, as well as develop more advanced work breakdowns to manage more complex processes. With the project management capabilities incorporated into Teamcenter, you have accurate visibility into resources to make better planning decisions.

See the Big Picture

Program and project management solutions in Teamcenter take you beyond simple project and schedule management to effectively coordinate entire programs. You have better visibility into resources, scope of work, pipeline information, status and more. With this visibility, you can effectively coordinate resources in cross-functional teams and clearly understand impacts across projects.

Integrate Execution with Planning

A key advantage to using Teamcenter program and project management solutions is that planning and execution are managed in the same system. You get exactly what you need to complete a task, deliverables are tracked in real time, and managers see accurate, up-to-date status and other information. You can also leverage workflows to control task execution, with more granular control for complex tasks.

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