Future Ready With Digitalization

The world is changing faster than ever before. Companies have to constantly transform and adapt to manufacture increasingly complex products and satisfy demanding customers. Leveraging latest technology is key to being ready for the future.

Improving product design and manufacturing productivity is imperative in today’s competitive marketplace. As the complexity of products increases, so does the complexity of parts which must be manufactured. The ability to effectively and efficiently design and manufacture these parts is no simple task.
To address this challenge, manufacturers need to:

  • Validate upstream manufacturability, identifying design areas that are difficult, expensive or impossible to manufacture
  • Validate designs
  • Automate and formalize the design review process
  • Capture knowledge and re-use for continuous improvement
  • Reduce rework cost

With Digitalization you define a digital twin of your products processes and production. Automation of processes and controls allows your teams to effectively collaborate while focusing on their core tasks.
Discover how Solutions from Siemens can help you be future ready.

Event on “Future Ready With Digitalization”.

Date : 28 July 2017

Time : 5 PM Onwards

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