Enable faster easier collaboration on mold and machining services. With NX Mold Connect, manufacturers and suppliers can now work together more efficiently on collaborative feedback, simplified mold design validation, and fast quotes.

What is NX Software as a Service?

Software as a Service (SaaS) delivers software through the cloud, enabling accessibility on any device connected to the internet.

Siemens’ NX software is available as a browser-based solution through NX X, which can be used anytime, anywhere, on any device. The CAD software is fully interoperable with NX on desktop, allowing for seamless collaboration. It delivers the full capabilities of the desktop version, but in the cloud, hosted and managed by Siemens cloud services.

NX SaaS products are also available in the form of apps. These apps are cloud-native and browser-based for quick ramp up with access anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Introducing NX Mold Connect, the first Siemens’ NX SaaS app.

RFQ software

NX Mold Connect from Siemens Digital Industries Software is a cloud-native SaaS app for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and mold-making tool shops to collaborate on injection molded parts. It allows for quick and easy collaboration, design manufacturability validation, automated RFQ, and accurate quotes.

What features does NX Mold Connect include?

Centralized collaboration No more sending emails back and forth with RFQs or design files. With NX Mold Connect, all communications and documents for an injection mold project are handled in a centralized location through the app. Invite others from inside or outside of your organization to a project by giving them view, download, or full access to any files for the project.  NX Mold Connect also makes it easier to manage RFQs, allowing OEMS to send a request out to multiple mold makers, see the status and quotations, and communicate throughout the entire process via in-app messaging.

Design for manufacturability (DFM) analysis Design validation helps eliminate costly rework. Manual analysis not only takes up time, but it takes lots of skill and experience to analyze a part’s manufacturability and identify where improvements can be made. DFM tools are built into NX Mold Connect to make it easier than ever before to validate and simplify part designs. DFM includes tools to analyze part geometry, wall thickness, mold filling, and feature recognition.

Tool costing automation Generate faster and more accurate cost estimations. Feature recognition tools from the analysis stage also help in the costing phase. With feature recognition, NX Mold Connect can identify features such as ribs, undercuts, openings, and more. With these parts of the design identified, they can be submitted into the bill of material (BOM) creation for accurate tool costing. Costs for labor, parts, and materials can be entered into the BOM for an accurate quote of the mold.

Interoperability NX Mold Connect is fully interoperable with NX. Comments can be made on the part design in the app, and edits can be made in NX on desktop and synchronized back into NX Mold Connect so everyone can work on the most updated version of the design.

Maximize machine shop and OEM efficiency

Mold delivery times currently average 28% longer than originally estimated due to bottlenecks, poor designs, changes, and product complexity. NX Mold Connect eliminates the need for sending private files containing intellectual property back and forth via email. The thorough communication and documentation within the app help OEMs and mold-making tool shops collaborate throughout the end-to-end process. With the collaboration and DFM analysis tools in NX Mold Connect, product designs can be reworked before the bid is accepted and BOM is finalized, increasing the chances that the mold will be delivered on time.

What is the value of NX Mold Connect?

NX Mold Connect saves both OEMs and mold-makers time and money:

  • Win more bids and reduce mold delivery time through improved communications and part accuracy, getting final products to market faster
  • Design higher-quality parts with DFM analysis tools within the app
  • Increase accuracy of quotes with quicker, automated RFQs that can be sent to multiple mold-makers
  • Improve relationships between OEMs and mold-making suppliers

Who is NX Mold Connect for?

NX Mold Connect is for designers and engineers within OEMs to send a plastic injection-molded part design RFQ to mold makers.

With the ease of use of NX Mold Connect, anyone at a tool shop can use the app. Whether you are a designer or engineer, or a salesperson or project leader, you can use NX Mold Connect to communicate with your customers and provide an accurate quote.

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