We continue to focus on our commitment to help you deliver innovative and successful products faster with the latest Teamcenter 14.3 and Active Workspace 6.3 releases!

Here are some of the highlights of the latest releases – you can contact us for more information.

Transform to Cloud

Where are you on your PLM journey to the cloud? We can help get you there. We have the experience and knowledge to help you assess the value of a cloud deployment, optimize to leverage the latest functionality, and finally move to the cloud.

As more Teamcenter customers consider the move to the cloud, we’re introducing a new tool to help you assess your upgrade path. You can weigh the benefits of a cloud SaaS transition and consider what additional Teamcenter capabilities will be available to you… with Siemens to provide the heavy lifting of support, maintenance, and upgrades.

Stay up-to-date with the latest Teamcenter software (and all that’s new in each release), while enjoying the security and peace of mind of cloud SaaS PLM.

Learn more about Teamcenter X… which is Teamcenter on the cloud, operated by Siemens.

Siemens Teamcenter-14.3-cloud-benefits

Everyone creates requirements, together

A recent study stated that 80% of product development problems started in requirements development. Requirements are important because they describe what the customer will buy, how you know when you’ve arrived in your development effort, when you’ve achieved product quality, and more. Given their importance, Teamcenter 14.3 is introducing real-time requirement co-authoring to eliminate any misunderstanding:

✅ Multiple users can edit the same requirements at the same time

✅ See changes as they are happening or view tracked changes after the fact

✅ Add and manage comments made against requirements

✅ All changes and comments are tracked as part of the requirement history

Because requirements are managed with Teamcenter, they can participate in change, configuration, and any other PLM lifecycle process. They can be linked to any Teamcenter object, like parts, manufacturing processes, program tasks, test cases, etc. to provide complete traceability to and from requirements.

Siemens Teamcenter-14.3-requirements-collaboration

Continuous requirements verification using simulation

Many of today’s organizations spend half of their product development schedules and resources on getting software, electronics, mechanics, etc. all working together. Since many of these group work in development silos, the first time they can put everything together is when the physical prototypes arrive. That’s late in the process to discover there are issues! We can help find issues sooner.

With Teamcenter 14.3, you can continuously verify product requirements against simulation models that virtually describe various aspects of the product. The latest release provides new features to support continuous verification with:

✅ A variety of 1D simulation models with parametrized requirements

✅ Controlled verification packages that ensure correct simulation inputs

✅ Enhanced visualization reports and pass/fail notifications

Siemens Teamcenter-14.3-requirements-verification

Teamcenter and JT connected to the Industrial Metaverse

Take collaborative engineering to the next level with product visualization in the Industrial Metaverse!

With Teamcenter Visualization and the NVIDIA Omniverse, we’ve made it easier than ever to work with stakeholders from various backgrounds and expertise toward a common goal. Upload your digital twin, including product structure information and 3D model data, to NVIDIA Omniverse, making it accessible in the Industrial Metaverse. Engineers can use the NVIDIA Omniverse Create Viewer or our own PLM Vis Web viewer to interact with the digital twin and perform their tasks and the joint work is reflected in all tools that connect to the Omniverse.

Siemens Teamcenter-14.3-metaverse

Visualize any BOM configuration FAST

Whether you’re performing a detailed visual analysis or just browsing a product structure, visualization performance is critical.

We’ve made our already lightning-fast visualization performance event better with Teamcenter 14.3. With improved client-side rendering (CSR), you’re able to work with larger data sets than ever before. The system is smarter, helping to optimize your computer resources. Smart render location logic for mixed client and server-side rendering (SSR) enterprises allows users to leverage CSR until their data gets too big, at which point the client will allow them to switch to SSR.

Siemens Teamcenter-14.3-visualize-any-configuration

Merge BOM modifications from multiple changes with effectivity

The Teamcenter closed-loop, CM2-certified change process management continues to lead the industry with improved engineering efficiency! Within an engineering BOM, multiple users can make updates to the same part using separate change notices (ECNs).

You can merge unincorporated changes for an assembly with release effectivity into an existing change notice using Teamcenter. When you replace an existing part in a BOM, Teamcenter automatically adjusts effectivities so there is no overlap. Changes done in parallel can be merged, while preserving effectivities.

As usual, you can view these side-by-side, both the released change and work-in-process change, for review before merging into a final ECN.

Siemens Teamcenter-14.3-merge-bom-changes

New Supplier Connect for streamlined data exchange with suppliers

Extend the digital thread to your suppliers with Supplier Connect!

Effective supplier collaboration is essential to the success of most products. We have a strong supplier collaboration history, including solution like Partner Connect, that allow you to work closely with strategic suppliers, contract manufacturers, etc. Building on that expertise, we are now introducing Supplier Connect. This new solution makes it easier to work with suppliers who are more loosely integrated into your product development processes.

Suppliers connect to a portal that is made just for the purpose of working with OEM customers. It allows businesses and their suppliers to view, update, and collaborate on the most current product information in a secure environment, with full traceability and history of all supplier actions. Suppliers can access data with a standard web browser and request data access on-demand through self-service. Suppliers can’t see more than what is shared with them and can never see each other’s presence or data.

Siemens Teamcenter-14.3-supplier-connect

Want more?

These are some highlights of Teamcenter 14.3 and Active Workspace 6.3. If you want additional information on any of these topics, contact your Siemens or partner sales representative!

Watch the Teamcenter Blog for news about future Teamcenter releases, which will follow a new release numbering convention.

Teamcenter is the leading choice in product lifecycle management (PLM) software, top ranked by Forrester Research, for our current offering and market presence with the highest score possible for strategy.

You can leverage all Teamcenter 14.3 has to offer installed on premise or as a cloud service, with Teamcenter X.

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