Siemens extends Xcelerator portfolio with new functions for efficient electrical and automation design of industrial equipment

NX Automation Designer and NX Industrial Electrical Design provide new functions for efficient electrical and automation design of industrial equipment.

Siemens Digital Industries Software announces the release of NX™ Automation Designer software and NX™ Industrial Electrical Design software, a new suite of solutions that provide a central design application for industrial electrical and automation design. These new tools can help manufacturers of production systems to manage design complexity, shorten development lifecycles and increase the quality of their designs. Direct integration with Teamcenter® software for product lifecycle management (PLM) and the entire NX design software portfolio provides a unified multidisciplinary design environment for production systems engineering. Read More…

Siemens expands innovation in diverse geometric modeling with latest Parasolid release

To meet a variety of diverse customer needs, the latest release delivers new functions across several different application areas and adds support for emerging hardware platforms.

Siemens Digital Industries Software has released the latest version of Parasolid® software, its open geometric modeling technology employed by over 4 million users across the world. The scope of Parasolid Convergent Modeling technology continues to expand with new functions for blending, tapering, offsetting, hollowing and thickening mixed models. Designers can benefit from these new model editing capabilities when they need to integrate their precisely engineered (B-rep) designs with organic (facet-based) shapes. Such organic shapes are proliferating in design workflows through the application of topology optimization and 3D scanning. Read More…

New Renders of #Toyota #Fortuner with Blue Metallic Paint

Modeling Tool: NX CAD – Realize Shape
Rendering tool : NX Render

Siemens NX Continuous Release: Read Our Blogs

NEW: June NX Release Details

You will be receiving an update to your NX software. Following our 6 month release schedule (also called continuous release) you can expect to receive persistent upgrades to your NX software.

Follow our NX Design blog in the coming months for a detailed look into the enhancements for this release. Read More…

Thermal management of Electric Vehicles is now a breeze

Expanding 1D system-level models with 3D ROM models

The battle between traditional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and electric vehicles will one to remember. Due to high levels of technological breakthroughs in the automotive community and a rapid rise of electric vehicle manufacturers. While customers pay attention to performance when deciding between ICE and electric vehicles, the major factors are not just the top speed and acceleration. Range, efficiency, durability and driving characteristics often come into play. To ensure the success of an electric vehicle on the market, it is necessary to reduce delays and improve the productivity between different engineering teams (such as mechanical, thermal, electrical, control and software). Reduced order models from 3D CFD tools can be substituted for 1D System Simulation models to provide more accurate and detailed results, so teams can make an informed and correct design choice earlier. Read More…

Cortona3D New Release

Cortona3D Releases RapidAuthor 14.0 with improved object gallery, new search functionality, significant improvements in 2D image editing, and enhanced integration with Teamcenter active workspace.

Cortona3D has launched RapidAuthor 14.0 with the possibility to automatically replace static items with parametric objects, a quick search of items and references in a document, and significant improvements in 2D image editing. Starting from RapidAuthor 14.0 the user will be able to create plugin-free publications only. Read More…

QForm 10.1.o New Release

What’s new | Added features

  • All executable files in the QForm distribution are now digitally signed by
    QuantorForm LLC
  • QForm application programming interface (API) with Application wizard for
    interactive preparation of the code for various programming languages
  • Remote solver for Linux operating systems
  • Support of the cloud service providers by QForm Cloud
  • Advanced interface with Google Cloud via Google Cloud APIs

DDS August 2021 Events Calendar

Online Training | What’s New NX 1980 Training | Siemens | 21st August 2021 – 11 AM to 1 PM

Siemens NX 1980 has been designed with a new technique after which it offers complete production departments through which users can perform molding, machining and much more. Moreover, it brings users body designing tools with the set of aerospace design tools. Furthermore, it helps users to be able to design complex model forms. Users can work more conveniently as it has easily accelerated the concept design using the NX layout.

The below updates we will be going to cover:

  • What’s new in NX for Design.
  • What’s new in NX assembly Design.
  • What’s new in NX architecture
  • What’s new in NX visualization.
  • What’s new in NX Sheet Metal.

Register now to join the training…

Webinar | Challenges in Aluminum Forging | QForm | 27th August 2021 – 4 PM to 5 PM

Automobile OEM’s are looking for light weighting and hence preferring white metal instead of steel.
  1. Comparisons of Metal flow.
  2. Load results.
  3. Temperature Variation.
  4. Defects like lap/crack/under surface flow defects
  5. Case study of Piston Forging Using Steel & Aluminum alloys.

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Webinar | High Precision Mold Making made Easier and Faster | 19 August 2021 – 4 PM to 5:30 PM

As a unique company having expertise in both industrial CNC automation (Sinumerik) and Integrated Manufacturing Solution (NX), Siemens offers the most cutting-edge technology, for solving the challenges of manufacturing of your die and mold. High-speed machining, automated rest milling, and smooth finishing methods help you produce molds and dies with a near-mirror finish, while reducing lead time. Find out in the webinar as to what Siemens offers for the advanced mold maker today.

Webinar | Simcenter 3D Thermal/Flow Analysis | Siemens | 18th August 2021 – 3 PM

We are now in an era where simulation is being used to synthesize and define the physical design, rather than to simply evaluate and validate final designs. Thermal management is a major consideration for a wide range of products, including industrial machinery, automobiles and consumer electronics. The objective of any thermal management solution is to maintain a product’s temperature within a range that is optimal for performance. Accomplishing this may require the removal or addition of heat, either passively or in an actively managed fashion, and this can be evaluated using thermal simulation software.
Learn how you can integrate simulation into your design process to discover unimagined design possibilities, increase design robustness and speed development processes.

Our Webinar will include:

  • Introduction to Simcenter 3D and its GUI.
  • How simulation driven design helps in speeding the overall time it takes to release a design.
  • Thermal analysing of product performance in an Integrated Design Simulation Environment.
  • Predict the thermal behaviour of the components
  • Leveraging Simcenter Scalability across the Design/Analysis Lifecycle.

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Webinar | How digitization helps Indian Automotive Industry to make the digital NPD | 20th August 2021 – 11 AM

Smart APQP solutions help to overcome manual work challenges in NPD and deliver better products faster and more efficiently with saving time, cost, and effort.
Webinar covered:
  • APQP Methodology based Project Management
  • Document Management and version control
  • To-Do list and follow up with email escalation.
  •  Revision Management with Interlinking FMEA AND CP forms.
  • Live Project Visualization by plan vs actual and Gantt chart
  • Project Chat for internal CFT
  • Data Access Control

Register now to join the webinar…

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Solid Edge 2021 provides the speed you need to get the most out of your entire engineering process—maximizing your productivity while decreasing your costs. Know more…

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