Develop high-quality molds faster

A recent survey in the Mold industry reveals that more than 90% mold manufacturers find defects during mold trials which adds 25% to the total cost. NX can substantially reduce these errors in design and manufacturing. Read more…

Winners of FY2019 Partner’s Marketing Reward Program.

DDS is proud to win the prestigious Asia Pacific Partner Marketing reward from Siemens Digital Industries Software in Asia Pacific region.

Special Finance offers on world leading software to help you beat current challenges NX CAD/CAM/CAE/Solid Edge

DDS and Siemens are offering special price and finance on our entire range of solutions including NX, Simcenter, Teamcenter and Solid Edge. Feel free to call or write to us.  *T&C apply*

Upcoming Events in April 2020

1 – Bring your technical documents to life with IETM – Live Webinar on April 17, 2020 at 3PM to 4PM

Join us for Live Webinar for A&D Industry on Cortona3D Rapidauthor allows you to use existing product information to create and maintain IETMs with minimum effort. Quality product documentation is vital to your organization’s success and critical for your customers, suppliers, distributors and employees.

Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM) are highly effective in communicating support, training and maintenance information for complex products. IETMs integrate 2D, 3D, Animation, Text, Audio and Video in an intuitive, interactive digital interface. This means less time and effort in training, adoption and repairs.

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2 – NX Mold Design Automation on Demand Webinar

NX Mold Design enables users to streamline the entire mold development process to shorten lead times and control costs by using step-by-step guidance for mold part design, tool assembly layout, tool design, and tool validation.

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3 – NX Mold Design Automation Online Training on 15 April 2020 at 3 PM to 5 PM

Accelerate the design of the most challenging molds using advanced functionality, step-by-step guidance and associativity with part model to ensure fast response to design changes.

Topics included:

  • Molded part feasibility
  • Advance parting and patching tools
  • Cooling circuit design
  • Standardization of mold base
  • Slider and lifter library
  • Mold kinematics for collision check
  • Auto BOM generation
  • Drawing Automation

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4 – NX Die and Mold CAM Online Training on 14 April 2020 at 11 AM to 1 PM

Machine 40% faster with NX CAM. NX CAM is tightly integrated to NX CAD and Mold Die Design. NX offers best in class machining strategies for 2 to 5 axis machining. NX provides smooth offset pattern cuts with special step over moves and corner treatments to maintain high feed rates and fine finishes.

Topics covered:

  • CAM user Interface
  • How to set MCS/WCS
  • How to specify BLANK
  • Mill Contour
  • Cavity mill (For Roughing)
  • Z-level profile (For semi-finishing)
  • Contour Area (For Finishing)

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March 2020 Updates

1 – Siemens Learning Advantage 

We thank you for your enthusiastic response to Siemens free on demand training offer. We hope you will make the most of this opportunity. We are always keen to know what we can do for you. Please do write back to us on how this online training helped you as well as any other thoughts. To know more email at marketing@ddsplm.com

2 – Take Home your favorite engineering software NX

In view of the Covid-19 lock-down in India DDS promptly supported many customers to use their NX licenses to work from home. Our support team is on the job helping with Installations, Training and Support to keep you going. If you also need to work from home, please contact us asap. We are glad to help. Stay home stay safe. All the best to you.

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