Maximize your NX Drafting and Layout Performance with these new updates

NX Drafting

Provides a comprehensive set of tools to produce and maintain engineering drawings which comply to major national and international drafting standards.

  • A single source of dimensional and tolerance information
  • Fully associative annotations
  • More efficient downstream processes

What we’ll cover in this blog with NX Drafting:

Modernizing text entry for usability and familiarity with widely-used Microsoft Office functionality and workflows.

  • Dynamic Text Editor
  • Note General Context Tab
  • Text Shortcut Toolbar
  • Embedded Annotations
  • Origin Alignment

NX Layout

An easy-to-use 2D conceptual design solution which helps you leverage a familiar 2D environment with dedicated support tools.

  • 2D Migration
  • 2D Design and Layout
  • Associative 2D to 3D capabilities

What we’ll cover in this blog with NX Layout:

  • Improved area fills in shapes for better performance and downstream reuse
  • Improved large layout performance with 2D active sets

NX Drafting

Improve efficiency by defining the default origin alignment

Definition is now done in “Preferences” or “Customer Defaults”

Origin alignment block:

  • More than the note command, all annotation commands are supported
  • Origin alignment, stacking, and positioning of dimensions and annotations
  • Origin alignment and positioning of tables
  • Anchor point alignment for all text

A more natural and productive text entry with familiar interaction

Dynamic Text Editor

  • Enter the text without tags in the text Input box and identical text appears instantly in the graphics window.

Shortcut Toolbar

  • Quick access to common text formatting features:
  • Color and font controls
  • Symbol Palette
  • Expressions options
  • “Precision” MB3 option for decimal places
  • “Replace” MB3 option to change existing

Improved efficiency with context tab and embedded annotations

Context tab:
On create or edit of a note, the Note General context tab gives access to:

  • Common text formatting options
  • Insert and export text to or from an external text file
  • Text alignment and other common settings

Embedded annotations:

  • Replaces the symbols block from the note command
  • Add feature control frames, datum feature symbols, and custom symbols
  • Launches annotation specific UI to build desired annotation to embed into the note
  • Quickly add attributes and expressions

NX Layout

Better performance and downstream reuse with improved area fills

Previously, area fills were generated from very small crosshatch patterns.

Changed to a true solid area fill:

  • Smaller file size, more responsive, and better performance

Maximize performance of larger, complex layouts

Identify relevant curves for finding relations between other 2D components or sketch geometry.

2D active sets:

  • Relation finding is a key feature of the new sketcher
  • Active sets are stored in the definition of the 2D component and flows down to all instances
  • De-emphasizes the 2D Component curves that are not a part of the active set
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