Unlock your full potential using innovative technologies, including robotics machining and hybrid additive manufacturing

New manufacturing software technologies in NX 11 for Manufacturing can help you improve your productivity and create new opportunities to transform your business into a digital machine shop.

NX CAM Robotics software lets you design, simulate, validate, optimize and offline program your industrial robots for machining-type tasks. This solution greatly increases the efficiency and quality of these high-precision, multiaxis robotic operations. Featuring the intuitive and widely-accepted NX™ software 3D environment, the software combines the simplicity of CNC programming with the power to accurately create, control and simulate complex robotic machining processes. Associative updates, a key benefit of the entire NX system, make it easy to accommodate change orders since the robotic programming can be refreshed when design changes occur.

New Technologies

Improve your productivity and create new opportunities to transform your manufacturing operation with the latest technology in NX 11. The new robotics machining and groundbreaking hybrid additive manufacturing capabilities let you produce new designs with better performance while delivering tremendous savings. With Line Designer you can quickly layout production lines using scanned point cloud data.


Powerful industry-specific capabilities in the CAM software for mold and die machining, production machining, and complex parts machining have been specially-designed to dramatically increase your overall manufacturing productivity. For example, you can now create tool paths 60% faster and produce parts with high-quality surface finish.

NX CMM Inspection Programming 11

NX CMM 11 is now able to drive Renishaw PH20 probes to take advantage of high-speed inspection methods using “head touches”. These new probes allow measurement points to be taken faster and with improved accuracy and repeatability by moving only the probe head instead of the entire CMM structure. The speed gains from this technology lead to measurement points to be taken three times faster.

NX Tooling Design 11

NX 11 Tooling Design provides increased productivity when designing molds and progressive dies. You can now interactively work with your bill of material (BOM) in NX. To speed up the tooling design process, you can drag/drop standard components from libraries into your NX tooling assembly. The latest simulation capabilities let you accurately visualize the motion of additional tooling components, so you can eliminate costly errors in production.

Benefits Design

  • Import scanned 3D data as facets with convergent modeling
  • Easily create prototypes with improved 3D printing support
  • Design features the way they are machined with swept volume
  • More control, easier changes, and better access to information in sketching
  • Streamline concept design with NX Realize Shape and NX Layout
  • Automatically convert drawing objects to 3D PMI objects
  • Reduce drawing checking time with drawing compare
  • More realistic visualization and rendering with Lightworks Iray+
  • Easily take advantage of point cloud data by accessing it directly, rather than re-creating
  • Improve flexibility by managing NX in the cloud

Benefits continued Simulation

  • Predict product performance with Simcenter 3D, now powering all Siemens simulation capabilities
  •  Easily create simulation reports in Microsoft Word format using a library of customizable templates
  • Simulate interior and exterior acoustic analysis with Simcenter 3D acoustics modeling and simulation
  • Efficiently model and simulate sections for cyclic and rotated geometry
  • Understand how manufacturing processes affect structural integrity
  • Predict the ultimate load capacity of systems made from composites with new material models
  • Co-simulate mechanisms with controls models designed in LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim
  • Simulate vehicle behavior when performing maneuvers with different road surface conditions
  • Quickly create fluid domain geometry from assembly FEM (AFEM) models
  • Increase the visibility of simulation results to the broader organization with enhanced JT support of CAE data

Benefits Manufacturing

  • Boost productivity and increase accuracy on the shop floor with new robotic machining in NX CAM
  • Create new classes of metal parts by combining additive and CNC machining in a single environment
  • Use scanned cloud data of the physical plant to design/modify production lines in Line Designer
  • Machine high-quality molds and dies with cutting strategies optimized for each region of the part
  • Reduce programming time of prismatic parts by 60 percent with new hole making capabilities
  • Precisely control complex 5-axis machining with new visualization capabilities
  • Create complete work instructions as you program the job
  • Deliver NC work packages under revision control from NX CAM to the shop floor using DNC Connect
  • Accelerate CMM inspection by three times with new high-speed measurement cycles
  • Easily manage BOMs of mold/die assemblies using new flexible spreadsheet display


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