There are many situations that require a twisted model or feature, and often users seek to twist or rotateaprofile section along an Extrude vector to achieve the necessary outcome. Since NX does not currently have a “twist” or “rotation” option using the Extrude command, there is another method to create this geometry.

  1. In the Menu, select ‘InsertàSketch in Task Environment’.
  2. Set the Sketch Type to ‘On Plane’ and select the plane.
  3. OK the Create Sketch dialog.
  4. Create the required profile of the section.


  1. Select ‘Finish Sketch’.
  2. In the Menu, select ‘InsertàCurveàLine’.
  3. Create a line perpendicular to the section that will represent the twist axis.

This line will need to be the required length of the feature.


  1. In the Menu, select ‘InsertàSweepàSwept’.
  2. Select the profile section as the Section Curves.


  1. Select the line that represents the twist axis as the Guide Curve.


  1. Under Section Options, set Orientation Method to ‘Angular Law’.
  2. Set Law Type to ‘Linear’.
  3. Set ‘Start’ and ‘End’ angles.
    For example, Start=0 andEnd=360 will give you one full twist along the length of the guide curve.


14. OK the Swept dialog.


The above steps provide a means to move a profile along the length of an axis while also twisting or rotating the profile section around the axis. Keep in mind that additional options can further control the shape. Here, the ‘Blending Function’ was used for Scaling.


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