Cortona 3D Technical Documentation

The key to effective product documentation for complex equipment is integrated 3D communications. Whether it’s for maintenance, customer support, operational procedures or training, 3D communications provide intuitive knowledge transfer that users ‘get’ easily.

Cortona3D RapidAuthor is a powerful cost effective authoring suite giving organizations the flexibility to produce all support documentation such as interactive Parts Catalogs, Maintenance Manuals, Training Materials and Work Instructions. The tools included in the suite enable organizations to reuse existing CAD data or other 3D source material to author interactive 3D visualizations for more effective support documentation with significant cost and time savings.


  • No 3D or CAD expertise required
  • ISO open standards
  • Lightweight format for delivery via the Web
  • Protects design intellectual property
  • Integrates into existing work processes
  • SCORM compliant–works with any LMS
  • Dynamic update’ ensures that product changes are easy to upload in support and training Materials.
  • Support for ATA and S1000D standards

Work Instructions

The WorkInstruction component is the first ‘out of the box’ toolkit for fast and easy production of digital interactive work instructions, job cards and assembly instructions. It reuses content direct from engineering CAD enabling the rapid creation of the bill of process. Manufacturing engineers can quickly and easily create 3D animations ensuring that assembly workers, even in o -shore locations, know what to do and how to do it – a visual explanation delivered in a work instruction saves time and increases effectiveness.


The Manual component speeds-up product documentation authoring by reusing existing CAD to create 3D animations to clearly communicate complex mechanical procedures which results in better product manuals at a fraction of the cost. 3D manuals encourage visual knowledge transfer rather than reading comprehension, minimizing translation issues and improving information retention.


The Catalog component produces digital, interactive illustrated parts catalogs that use unique 3D ‘explosions’ to illustrate complex mechanical assemblies. Its interactive 3D environment with drill down navigation improves the user experience and puts an end to ordering and purchasing errors. It cuts catalog production costs by reusing existing CAD data and produces a better parts catalog that, in turn, reduces the number of customer support inquiries.


The Learning component combines existing CAD assets with training documentation to produce digital, interactive training applications that use animated 3D simulations. These can be used as standalone applications or integrated with existing SCORM-compliant Learning Management Systems. Research has proven time and again that interactive 3D learning improves comprehension, retention and on-the-job performance and costs less than product mockups, physical simulations, and other active learning approaches.

Cortona2D Editor Pro

Cortona2D Editor Pro is a graphics editor that supports the creation, modi cation, and rendering of layered graphic primitives (ellipse, polyglon, spline, bitmap, raster). This editor allows authors and illustrators to edit legacy graphics or manually edit 2D graphics created with Cortona3D RapidAuthor.

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